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  • New girl from CA

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am currently going to college to get my AA in Administratio of Justice. I want to be a police officer, but I don't know where to start. I want to be prepared and ready once I get into the academy, that's if I do make the cut. So if you guys have any advices or tips please let me know. I am here to learn what I can from other people that have been through it or about to go through it. I hope to hear from you, thank you.

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    Welcome to O.com.

    “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

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      Hi, Ythay, and welcome aboard.

      Among the many resources you'll find here, especially when you make skillful use of the search function, are many links to other helpful resources.

      Judging by your screen name, perhaps you might like this one :
      Asian American Law Enforcement Association


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        Thank you for the website, I'm Asian but I'm nowhere near that lol. My username is in Pig Latin, but I do look forward to learn alot from this website and the website you've provided. So are you in the field? Or are you studying to be one? Give me a little bit about your background, if you don't mind


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          Thank you


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            Even though you are in school, if you are old enough, and meet Dept's requirements, I'd take a few PD tests, just to see what they, and the whole process is like. You'd also see what type of competition that you have for getting on the job. You should be able to pick up something just from going through the process.

            My son took his first PD test when he was 20. He scored 2 points below passing for that agency. Over the last year, he has progressed with that test to where he usually ranks in the top 25 out of 2-300 people taking it, and is currently on several Police lists.

            One tip is that if there are vocab words or questions that you believe you got wrong, try to remember at least 5 of them (or as soon as the test is over, throw them in your phone so you don't forget them), get home, look up the definitions/answers. Next test should put you +5 points from the last.


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              You're right, I had a physical try out with OPD, and I know I can do it but I need to work on my speed. I've took a written test before, but I was 2 points below, so I do need to work on that as well. But that was a good suggestion you have there. Congrats to your son. I'm working on my speed and my strength as of right now, but I need to get better on questions and vocab words. I know I don't have to finish school to meet the requirements, but I want too lol. So I'm guessing, are you an officer?


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                I would suggest taking an aptitude test because this job, LEO is not for everyone. When I was a Field Training Officer I had several trainees make it through the academy just to get terminated on patrol.

                Some people are better suited to fire fighter, paramedic, social worker, court worker or another trade like plumbing, electrical or clergical. Good luck ...


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                  Yes, I clearly understand that LEO is not the job for everyone. But yet, I still want to be in the LE field. I will take the aptitude test, but I do believe that this is the career for me. Thank you, I really hope I can land a spot here soon.


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