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  • Nypd?

    Hello crime fighters!

    My name is Q and im an aspiring member of the law enforcement fraternity. I was born and raised in New York. Mostly Roosevelt and Hempstead with ties to East New York Brooklyn. I currently reside in Providence, Rhode Island but will be moving back home within the next 6 months. I am a father of 3 boys with my youngest excited about following daddy's footsteps. I took the NYPD exam in March and passed with a 95. I have several family members and friends already on the force and hopefully I will be joining them in the near future. Good luck to all future candidates and thank you to the current officers for your hard work and dedication. I love reading your posts on the forum. Very informational and humorous.

    Until next time,


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    Welcome to and good luck with your hiring process.

    “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

    Miyamoto Musashi

    “Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid”

    George V. Higgins (from The Friends of Eddie Coyle)


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      Welcome. Check out the current thread for the next academy class.


      "I pity guys like you, I truly do. Everything you own and have you can thank the job for and still you despise it. I don't understand how any man can choose a career, hate it from the beginning, not have the balls to leave, and then complain about it once he's retired."

      -Thee Rant (surprisingly)

      Originally posted by NYCTNT

      Why do you bother?


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        Thank you both.


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          Sorry I didn't get past the first three posters. It's midnight and I'm officially now a pumpkin.

          But welcome anyway, G!


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            Welcome, future officer! You will learn a lot and laugh a lot here, that's one guarantee we can make.

            This place doesn't generally turn members into pumpkins, well, not ones who follow the primary rule, that is. You'll need to send a fresh homemade pumpkin pie with the outer crust removed, by overnight mail, to the Anti-Pumpkin Division of O dot com within 24 hours of any request.

            Don't worry about contact info; I will forward on the pies for you just as a new member courtesy. You may occasionally be asked for variations, such as lemon merengue, brownies, roll out sugar cookies, etc.
            As a future LEO, this will be great practice in adapting to the scene.
            "Snort-laughter is the best medicine"
            ----- Mussel Bound

            Don't forget to laugh today. The more implausible it seems, the more you need to.


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