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  • Hey there from SoCal

    Hey there everybody. I've lurked here for a long while but this is only my second post. My name is Kevin and I'm 28. I work full time, go to school full time (Administration of Justice major), take care of my fiance, her 4 kids and the one we have together, and am very actively training to become the best prospect I can be, both physically and mentally. I love reading these forums. I check them atleast once a day but usually more. I have learned quite a bit and am extremely excited with the thought of joining the ranks.

    I was in the last cycle of the CHP hiring but due to the early arrival of my son by 1.5 months, I was unable to pass my PAT. In actuality, I should have never let myself get that out of shape. I passed my written POST with a 66 overall and am currently able to barely meet the CHP PAT minimum requirements. My hope is to be able to pass all of those tests with room to spare but still have some weight to finish losing and muscle to finish strengthening and toning (5'7" 210lbs).

    Well that's me in a nut shell. Thanks for the great informative posts as well as future discussions that I hope to be a part of.

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    Welcome to O.com and good luck getting hired on. The physical stuff won't be easy, but you can do it.

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      Thanks a lot. Yeah the physical stuff has been rough for sure but its on the downhill now. I'm able to hit the minimum requirements right now and still have many months before I'm able to take the PAT again. I'm keeping at it and am trying to find time to get on some ride alongs at the moment.


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