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An Interview with County Sheriff


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  • An Interview with County Sheriff

    Hello to whomever is listening
    I am familiar with discussion forums, though only through training and competing horses. I spent waay too many hours on that. Still do. However, I have applied for a position as Deputy here in Tn. I passed exam. Had first interview, then I was accepted as eligible for employment. Two days later (today) I received a phone call that I have a interview with THE sheriff. Ok. Great..right? . My question is... how in the world do I prepare? Any or all help, advice and input will be soooo appreciated.
    Thank you in advance

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    *** tap tap** anyone there?


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      It sounds like you are being called in for what is often referred to as a Chief’s Interview.

      Where I am at, law enforcement agencies work under something called the Rule of Three. They can fill a vacancy taking anyone from the top three test scores on the hiring list. If there is one vacancy they can pick anyone in ranks 1, 2 or 3. If there are five vacancies they can pick any five people from ranks 1 through 8.

      When a vacancy occurs, the Chief or his designee usually calls in the top three candidates for a little chat. The purpose of the Chief's interview is to pick that candidate who seems like they are the best fit. Best fit can mean anything. It can mean you make a good impression, or possess a unique skill, or sound like you possess the same philosophy as the chief, or belong to the same lodge. It's sort of a crap shoot and literally depends on what is important to the chief, which will vary from department to department. All you can do is go in there, be humble and make your best impression.

      A candidate who is not picked will remain on the top of the list and will be considered again against the remaining top candidates when the next vacancy comes up. This process will continue until the candidate is are hired, the list is exhausted or the list expires, whichever comes first.
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        Welcome to the board Ava,

        There is no *set in stone* highway to a great interview with the Sheriff/Chief. You simply need to prepare to the best of your ability as to what questions he may ask. Remain confident & calm the best you can. Make your answers concise but short to the point. Do not give the demeanor of a know it all or cocky. Just be yourself & you will do fine.

        Good luck
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          You will be asked questions you probably never thought you would and dont make up stuff or try to bull crap thru it. IF YOU DONT KNOW A ANSWER SAY THAT.


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            Ok. Thank you so much for your help...I am nervous, of course, but confident. After all, I m just looking for a job where I can bring forth my best knowledge and life experience in the hopes of helping others and doing good. Thats all. ugh.


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