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    Hello everyone. I'm from northern California, and I am currently a community college student and a Security Officer for a local CSD.

    When I first entered community college in Spring of 2009, I wanted to be a Veterinary Technician. Animals have always been of interest to me, having many cats, dogs, chickens, rodents, etc. I am also active in my local horse community. However, after barely scraping by in my Intro Chem class, I made the decision to find a new path. I found my true interests lie in Law and Law Enforcement.

    So I began by taking some introductory Administration of Justice courses- Juvenile Delinquency, Effects of Drugs, Intro AJ, Criminal Investigations... and chose this degree path. During this time I was working part time as a cashier and facility manager with a local municipality, which helped me scrape by while living at home and going to school.

    As of this year, I have been hired at a local CSD as a full time Security Officer. I am in school part time, taking some GE classes and Criminal Law this semester. Next semester I will be back to full time status, finishing my GE and I should be able to transfer within a year to a State University.

    I love my job. We are very much like a mini police department, however our patrol just observes and reports to the Sheriff rather than fully respond to calls for service. My job is mainly screening those who enter the community, refusing those who don't belong, and my newfound favorite assignment- dispatching our patrol officers. I think I enjoy it so much because I feel so much more a part of the "Action," without being in the middle of it.

    I'd LOVE to be a police officer. However, I have fought with my weight for my entire life, and at this point it would take losing 140+ pounds and then having tons of major plastic surgery done to get me just academy ready- and as hard as I am working to lose the pounds, I just don't think it is going to happen before I exit my life and career primetime.

    Therefore, I would be happy as a lawyer, dispatcher, or records technician- SOMETHING in law or law enforcement. I thrive on adrenaline, though, so I don't think law or records is where I should be. That's why I am thinking dispatching would be perfect for me, especially considering how much I look forward to it at work. A couple weeks ago I took the POST Dispatching Entry Level Battery and scored a 69.2, confirming I have the right skillset for this career. However, I am sticking with my current job as long as possible, because I LOVE it and my coworkers so much.

    Overall, I am on this forum to read- I have read a TON of the threads while waiting for my account to be approved, and it is really amazing how much insight you can get just from merely reading an online forum! Thanks for being here- I hope to be an active member of the community.

    Oh, and edited to add:
    My past (such a popular topic on this forum, from what I've read lol). I've worked hard to keep it clean. No juvenile record, no arrests, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no traffic violations, decent credit (no missed payments, but for a while I had pretty high balances). I've got a solid work and volunteer history, am always on time (known for being early), have good pasts with my old supervisors, and I do not associate with people who lie, cheat, steal etc. I'm hoping this will be in my favor for all of my future ambitions.
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    Welcome aboard, good luck.

    As an aside, I have a friend who lost 250 pounds and went to the academy and has been on the road now for 4 years.
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      Thank you.

      Wow, 250 pounds! That is an accomplishment! I will forever be working towards an academy as a goal, but it is hard not to get discouraged. Working full time has given me the ability to be more structured as to when and what I eat, and I have been able to nearly altogether cut out junk food... progress!

      I look forward to learning a ton from these forums and members!!


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        Welcome to the forum. Don't ever give up on your dream. It's been done before. If you want it bad enough, keep working on it.
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          Thanks, Bdunndchi.

          I'm still focused on my job and school I haven't managed to lose any weight (I've actually been quite the sedentary person lately) but I changed doctors and have been given a clean bill of health (errors by my old doctor's office showed I had high blood pressure- my new doctor has confirmed it was operational error). Even though I haven't lost weight, I thankfully have not gained any either. I stand and walk as much as I can at work, and I'm enrolled in some phys ed courses for fall semester to get me moving. I'm not eating perfectly, but I've cut out fast food and I drink only water and occasionally Gatorade. Baby steps. Eye on the prize.

          Tonight at work we had some Sheriff's deputies working off duty with us, and talking with them really encouraged me and has me feeling like I definitely CAN do this.


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