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  • Hello from Mississippi

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen:
    Though I'm not one of your fellow friends in uniform, I hope I can contribute some unique perspectives on an assortment of topics. I'm 55 and happy about my age because it means each year that rolls by I'm fortunate enough to experience another year of learning interesting things in life and finding new friends. I know___some ladies don't like to tell their age, however I've never had a problem with that and if anyone asks me my age I'm NOT offended__I just smile and proudly give the true number.

    My main hobby is cross stitch and sewing. I love making hand made dolls and stuffed animals. I also write poetry__though I've haven't written one in some time because I've been too busy with so many other things more important. I've worked all of my adult life until October 2010__time for a break and I couldn't have made a better decision at an appropiate time (Too long of a story to explain now). It literally took an act of faith to quit working at this time considering the economy and fully aware it would be difficult to find other work, but I believed God had a better purpose for me and he certainly has shown me he has a hand in my future.

    I've researched the u.f.o phenomenon since 1973. Now I realize this is a 'touchy' topic for many because of the numerous issues involved, and it's not a question of if they exist because the facts are they have been photographed and videotaped. The questions is what are they, where did they originate and who pilots them.

    A good friend of mine, Kevin Smith, has his own paranornal radio / internet talk show. Kevin is a former international police officer and he has served in some dangerous areas around the world. I hope each of you will go to his website and meet him by his contact link and introduce yourself. I know he'd love to have some fellow officers to talk with and listen to his show. Here is the link and you can tell him Dale (my first name) from Mississippi recommended you to check him out. He's the real deal and very polite.
    Kevin Smith Show - UFO and Paranormal talk radio like nowhere ...
    The Kevin Smith Show is the paranormal and ufo talk radio show with info about ufo and alien, paranormal, planet-x, nasa, nibiru, roswell, ghosts, evp, ancient ...
    "The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams" ...Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Kevin's show is Monday-Friday 9:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. CST
    I hope you understand the primary reason for listing the website was NOT to boost traffic to another web site. It was to introduce you to another fellow officer since I have no other contact info on Kevin. If I was wrong then please let me know.
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    "The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams" ...Eleanor Roosevelt


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