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  • Hello Everyone (:

    Hey there! My name is Shelby. I am 19 years old and I currently live in New Jersey. I am constantly reading posts on this site and decided to just go ahead and make an account. I am working towards a career as a police officer. In the fall I will be starting to work on my CJ degree and then work my way towards the academy.

    I come from a military family, (Grandfather Navy WWII, Grandfather Army Ranger in Korea, Uncle Army Ranger in Vietnam, Great-Grandfather Army WWI) and both my step grandfathers were both officers. One was a PA State Trooper and the other an officer in Wayne, NJ oh AND My stepfather is a forensic pathologist! So yeah, I have been around all of these things my entire life. My first option was to pursue forensics, but I have an extreme love of animals. Mainly dogs. My ultimate goal is to get on a K9 unit. I have been working with dogs my entire life and just think it's amazing the bonds that can grow between human and dog. But that is a dream for now, need to work towards it!

    So yeah, sorry for the long introduction! Really looking forward to talking to some people and continuing to learn!

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    Welcome and thank you for the intro, some just jump in and ask questions...how rude. Anywho, welcome.
    It's not the will to win that matters...everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters.
    Paul "Bear" Bryant


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      Thank you! Yeah, every time I join a forum I have to say hi first. It feels weird to just start posting, I think everyone would just be like uhhh who are you?


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