Hello all,

Just joined the forum. You all look to be a wealth of experience that can't be ignored.

I've returned to school to pursue a career in Treasury Enforcement... at least that's the plan.. and after seeing the camaraderie here for those struggling to enter the LE field, I recognized this forum for the resource and support system it is.

My background is in public and private sector accounting - mostly local government. I'm taking a full load of classes with my sights set on obtaining an undergrad degree in Criminology and Accounting. While I'd prefer to throw it all in for a federal appoinment, the mobility contract has me hesitating - because the rugrats are still pretty young. Nevertheless, we'll see how the chips fall. Aside from school, I'm fitness training and getting plenty of range time.

I wish there was more I could offer as a forum member, but at this point I'm still on the training/learning side of the process. I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to make up for that later though.

In the mean time, it's great to meet you all!