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FNG from Chattanooga,TN


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  • FNG from Chattanooga,TN

    Greetings everyone,

    My name is Mike. I am a Police Service Technician II for the City of Chattanooga Police Dept. Just to give you all a little bit of background on my job title, We are sworn civilian patrol officers who work: Wrecks, thefts, thefts from vehicles, lost/found property, and have commission to issue misdemeanor citations. The aspect of my job that I personally do not like(but do it anyway) is issuing parking citations. Our city has a spending problem that rolls downhill to us, meaning the city requires us to write more parking tickets than anything. I am unlike the other P.S.T's that I work with in the fact that I am close with most of the officers I work with and they look at me as "one of the guys" for the most part, and do not mind if I answer calls with them other than the calls I am allowed to answer. Now for a background on myself, I am a very simple person with a few passions in my life. I have been with CPD for almost 2 years now and over that time, I have learned, lived, and seen things I never would have imagined. I am also a 20yo college student, with a focus on motorsports engineering. Law enforcement was what I thought to be my calling until I was diagnosed with a heart disease at the age of 11 which precludes me from doing strenuous activity such as long distance runs. once sports were taken from me due to the condition I found pleasure in cars, watching them race(drag racing) and working on them. Outside of work and school, I am a member of Volunteer State Rescue and I am also in a probationary period be to a member of Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Dept. Thank you for reading, I look forward to interacting with you all throughout the forum.

    Stay Safe,
    Michael Glenn(exelr8)

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