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  • From the wilds of AZ

    Hi all,

    Thanks for allowing me to join this group! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself in hopes that you will participate in answering a few questions on occasion. I'll do my best not to make a pest of myself...

    I'm not an officer - I'm a writer - and right now I'm working on an urban fantasy novel (shapeshifters, vampires, and the like). One of my characters does some contract work for the Phoenix PD and I'm really struggling with not knowing much about the topic/process/procedures, etc. It's a necessary link though. So - it's my hope someone can help me out with some basic information.

    First question - what type of "special investigation" units might a police department have? Or would they exist at all? Near as I can tell - when an unusual case turns up (i.e., serial killer - in my case a preternatural serial killer), a task force is formed and a group works together. Is that the standard process?

    Second question -IF a special investigations department (bear in mind this is fiction) were formed, how would this be handled? Suggestions for names? Would it even have a name?

    Third question - Are there many "ex-military" personnel in police work? Is this common?

    Thanks in advance. I really appreciate any input you might have. I also really appreciate your patience. I know how busy law enforcement is these days. Wish you had more funding, tons more respect, and a lot less hassle....


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    Welcome to officer.com!
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