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Im back.. sorta


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  • Im back.. sorta

    So I went after a few departments and made it quite far with a couple of them but didnt get picked up. No big deal, Im pretty far from the grave so I think I will try again. I did however, due to the job stability looking good on my application, stay at my job even though it was obviously racially biased and quite disturbing what would be said.
    I recently took a job as a civilian contractor for the military and am leaving in 10 days for a year in the desert. I plan to use this time to get into excellent physical shape, become 100% debt free and apply prior to returning to a number of agencies.
    I hope to get picked up because I still have the realistic goal of S.W.A.T for a department. I like to shoot so hopefully I can get in there somewhere..

    Thanks for welcoming back...
    Hoping to get picked up when I return from Iraq

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    Welcome back to!
    "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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      Good to have you back. Been following your progress with Torrance (I am originally from Manhattan Beach) and was sorry to hear about the outcome. Been there, done that, but I flopped the B-Pad with them. Got a good friend that works for Torrance PD too and had my heart set on it, and a great agency to boot (not your typical So. Bay department) Not to worry - lots of other agencies out there. Best of luck with your next endeavor!
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