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New Gal from the Chicagoland Area


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  • New Gal from the Chicagoland Area

    Hello! My name is Erin and I am a community service officer from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I've been a CSO for 6 years and I am testing all over to become a sworn officer. I am also in the Navy Reserves as a Master-At-Arms, stationed out of Great Lakes. I am currently on 4 police lists in the Chicagoland area and I am flying out to Scottsdale, AZ to take their test in November. Glad to be able to be a part of this forum...seems like a really great resource.

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    Welcome Erin.
    Due to the Juvenile bickering and annoying trolling committed by members of this forum I have started an igore list. If your name is listed below I can't see you.

    CityCopDC, Fire Moose, Carbonfiberfoot, Damiansolomon


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      Hummmm.. Chicago huhhhh???
      well I used ta' reside in Traverse City Mi... been known ta sail ta' your part O' county a time or two.....

      Ya like horses??? Hummm.. Look up tha' Scottsdale P.D. Patch, that thar' is Trigger, My Horse and I...

      Now, here in tha' O.Com city ya can just call me tha' Admiral....

      Go ahead and check out ma' references.....

      I'm Listed, call me, anytime, surgar plum....

      Alex "Sully" Sullivan
      O.COM FA. CNC..
      Originally posted by mookster
      Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
      Originally posted by CityCopDC
      I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
      Originally posted by OfficerDotCom
      I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

      Old Physicists neva' die, they just hop on a horsey and fly away inta' an infinitely massive black ho ...


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        Welcome to!
        "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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