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  • Another Louisiana LEO

    Greetings to all...
    yes, another one of those Louisiana cops on the boards. Migrated over from PL when they decided to make everyone register with Monster or be kicked out. Yes, I am actually a Chief and no, I am not here to spy on my department

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    Welcome to officer.com!
    "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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      Welcome aboard Chief!
      In Memory of A Fallen Hero


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        Welcome aboard Chief. Glad to see some Chiefs especially from these parts on here. One thing for sure is that you will get the scoop DIRECTLY from the trenches here. No smooth talk just because your troops are talking to the Chief. This is a great way to keep your ear in the trenches where the rubber meets the road. Wish more Chiefs and Leaders lurked around in here. People tend to tell their Chiefs and Sheriffs what they think they want to hear, but it gets pretty raw in here, LOL!

        BTW, stop in on our Louisiana Forum, myself and JPSO are about the only two that venture out into the rest of this no mans land. Everyone else from the boot pretty much stays in there. Gotta say though BEWARE of the venting, LOL!!
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          Hey Chief, welcome aborad. What parish are you in, if you dont mind me asking ?
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            I have found out that coming to the forums that I do find out more to what is going on "in the trenches". I have only been a Chief for two years now and before that I was a Patrol Officer. Big difference from being the one bitching and complaining to being the one to have resolve the bitches and complaints. My Officers come first and as long as they don't perform a major screw up, I'll back them 100%.

            Morehouse Parish, NE Louisiana


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