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Hello Everyone I'm back. I know, "who the he-- are you?" I know your thinking that.


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  • Hello Everyone I'm back. I know, "who the he-- are you?" I know your thinking that.

    Well I took a year away to finish up my degree, and I started a new career in Medical Device. I missed this website, and the banter back and forth with all of you.

    Congratulations to all of you who made it, and are now a LEO. ERMPD (may be wrong on your name)you were the first one that I noticed. For the others I missed, sorry, but congrats!!

    To the following, and the ones I missed- I am very happy your all still here!
    Here is to all of you making it home every night (raised glass-Salute)

    Smurfett your married, wow congratulations.

    The 2 word game was at 2465 last time I poked my head an here, think it's over 20,000 now. Too funny.

    SouthFlaGuy nice to see your still around! Bro, your post are still hilarious.

    KeithM happy to see you and Bender are still around helping all.
    Bearcat 357
    Gray Patriot

    I haven't seen any post from you fellas but, I am sure your around
    Bosima- you around? Ever join FHP
    I know i missed a few, but you changed your avatar..

    To the Men and Woman who serve in our Military, thank you for all you do.
    I can never thank you in words, to express how much respect I have for all of you.

    To the men and woman in Corrections, Bless you- I have a lot of friends on the job, and the stories I hear, it's incredible. I will leave it at that.

    To the new members WOW awesome job participating in the Forum.

    Guams- WOW Great Work.

    Last thing, Where did all of the Trolls Go? What ever happened to Jeter4?

    The "Ask A Cop section is actual questions that are well written. What happened?
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    There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

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    Good to see you back. Of course we remember you. That probably means you had some memorable posts, but I can't recall them at the moment!

    How was the withdrawl? I was gone 2 months and it kind of faded away after a few weeks, but I always wanted to get back on. I don't see how you made it a year! And you were doing it by choice. I had no internet at the new house and no work connection. I was like the guy who is clean and sober for 3 years - because he was in prison. As soon as I got internet, I binged for three days and woke up next to a laptop I didn't recognize.

    Yes, the trolls are still here, but the really fun ones don't seem to stick around and argue their point as long anymore. Just like the general public, they get lazier by the day.

    Anyway, jump in and fire away!
    If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

    ---Jack Handey


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      School Cop, How are you? Sorry I didn't add you. Changed That Avatar.
      The Avatar is almost like the name association game. lol

      As soon as I got internet, I binged for three days and woke up next to a laptop I didn't recognize.
      OMG That is Too Funny.

      I went pretty far in the process, and the wife decided we were not moving. So that was that, and I needed to regroup, and take a break. When I started reading about someone accepting a job, I was thinking " Go F- yourself" Figured I may be a tad Jealous, and need to step away, until Johnny can grow up a little.

      About 6 months in to my self induced exile, I would pop in here and there, just to sneak a peek. Never logged in, for fear I would get hooked back in. It is so easy to get sucked back in. Like Michael Corleoni said ' Every Time I Think I'm Out- They Pull Me Back In"

      Then recently I started reading some post from a few members that were in the process at the same time as me, and seeing that they made it; Brought Great Joy to me! Figured I was ready to come back.

      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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        Thanks for the props! Welcome back. Hope the new career is a good one.
        "You're never fully dressed without a smile."

        Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

        Three things I know for sure: (1) No bad deed goes unrewarded, (2) No good deed goes unpunished, and (3) It is entirely possible to push the most devoted, loyal and caring person beyond the point where they no longer give a 5h!t.


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          Sorry, I don't remember you and I've been here long than you have.
          "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

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            Welcome back to
            "Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans." - Robert E. Lee, 1865


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              I don't know who you are, but welcome back.


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                Originally posted by jcioccke
                Smurfett your married, wow congratulations.

                " 'Blessed are the Peacemakers', is, I suppose, to be understood in the other world, for in this one they are frequently cursed." - Benjamin Franklin


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                  I don't know you and nobody knows me, so what the hay!
                  Sleep well. There are people out there willing to die tonight so that you can wake up safe tomorrow.


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