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Greetings from the midwest.


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  • Greetings from the midwest.

    When I finished my active military service many years ago, it was time to investigate civilian employment. Because I had a university engineering degree, I was offered an engineering position that paid well and included impressive benefits. In spite of this, I still contacted my local and state police departments to see what they had to offer. Unfortunately, the salary was significantly lower than the engineering position.

    After a few days of reviewing all of the facts and my goals, I realized there was a way to satisfy both of my interests in engineering and law enforcement. I could accept the engineering job (full-time), and then join a reserve or auxiliary police unit (part-time).

    Unfortunately, my local police department did not have a reserve unit. However, they did have a civil defense auxiliary police unit (volunteer). Although these personnel were unarmed and only performed traffic and crowd control, I applied and was accepted. After serving for three years, I wanted more active involvement in law enforcement.

    I learned of another auxiliary police unit (volunteer) that served an area that was a significant distance from my home. In spite of this fact, I was allowed to join. These personnel were armed and sworn only when on duty. I served with them for over ten years. During this period, I attended a nearby college part-time and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.

    While serving with this last auxiliary police unit, I contacted my local police department to see if they would be interested in creating a reserve unit. The chief of police gave me a letter of introduction that allowed me to visit other established units around the area to obtain more information.

    After I submitted my report, I waited with anticipation. The assistant chief of police called me to his office. Our initial discussion went well. Unfortunately, when we got to the subject about long term disability, I could not convince him that the risk and expense was worth it. As a result, there would be no reserve police unit for my hometown. I was disappointed.

    During my 13+ years of auxiliary police service, I always appreciated the approval and support I received from many of the full-time sworn officers. What surprised me was how much resentment or indifference I became aware of among some of the regulars I served with.

    Besides serving full-time on military active duty, I also served part-time in the reserves. And during my college studies, I learned that approximately 70% of the fire departments in the United States are volunteer. Isn't it surprising to learn just how many emergency personnel are willing to volunteer and take risks while putting their lives on the line to provide a service to their community?

    Although I am retired from engineering and law enforcement, I decided to join the forum here at because I enjoy interacting with others who share my interest in law enforcement. I also value the opinions and experiences of others who have similar or longer careers than mine. And I hope to offer some help to others who are seeking careers in law enforcement.

    Thank you for accepting my application. And thank you to all emergency personnel who serve and who have served.
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    Welcome to! Being auxiliary, I get a lot of support from the sworn deputies. And I feel honored to be apart of the auxiliary program. At our department, we auxiliaries know our boundaries. We know we are not sworn, and we are always there to assist the deputies in any situation, allowable. I chose to volunteer with the auxiliary because law enforcement is all I ever wanted to do. From the point where I was 7 years old on safety patrol, I knew LE was the only thing for me. And I have dedicated and prepared my whole life to the pursuit of law enforcement. And it has helped me prepare myself to becoming a sworn deputy, which will happen within the next 12 months. Thank you for your service in LE and the military and welcome to!
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