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Sending a Minnesota Hello!


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  • Sending a Minnesota Hello!

    Hello. My name is Andrew Carlson. I just graduated from high school and moved to Florida for the summer. I moved back to Minnesota a week and a half ago to Minnesota. I am going to start taking classes for criminal justice. I applied to become a volunteer cop while in school but I only turned it in a week ago so I'm impatiently waiting to see if I get an answer in the next few weeks.

    My 5 year plan is to start school and finish my associates degree within a year. Then I have to be POST certified which I can do through the college. After I graduated and am POST certified I want to become a police officer. While getting POST certified (weeks before I am certified) I plan on sending resumes to all of the surrounding counties/cities that I have been starting to research. My dream job would be to be part of a K9 unit or to do something within the FBI. I love working hard and climbing up the ladder to success. If anyone has any advice for me --- don't be afraid to send it my way.

    I've learned so much from reading the forums and decided to join since I'll be using it more frequently and may want to add/ask questions.

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    Welcome andrew1110.

    I commend you for having an organized plan to begin your career in law enforcement. Make sure your plan is written down and posted where you can view it daily. And be sure to indicate start dates, complete dates, and status comments for each of those goals.

    You expressed an interest in joing the FBI. When I was in high school, I had the same interest. I even wrote a letter to the FBI and received a personally signed typewritten response from J. Edgar Hoover (the Director of the FBI at the time), which I still cherish today. But that was long before the internet. Visit their web page to learn about any adjustments you may need to make in your 5 year plan.
    Are you aware that the FBI has their own K9 unit? Visit FBI K9 for more information.

    Good luck.
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      Welcome to officer.com, and good luck!
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        I have visited their website and was looking through the requirements. I know that I will have to get a bachelor's because the associates won't cut it. I just wanted to be able to have a job as a police officer and take classes online and pursue the bachelor's degree while I am doing what I love. Which is to protect and serve.

        I did not know that they had their own K9 unit and that is terrific. Thank you for sharing that information with me. I really appreciate it.

        Also thank you for the idea to write it down. I have had this plan for over 6 months now but writing it down will make me think about it daily. Thanks again!


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          Welcome to the Forum Andrew and best wishes with your career plan.

          One comment--just make sure when you do interview for police jobs that you don't say your goal is to work for the FBI. Departments invest lots of money and time in training new hires and they don't want someone who is planning on leaving after two years.
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