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  • Reporting from Iowa

    Hello all from the Hawkeye state. I am a CO at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center in Oakdale. I'm not a sworn officer, hell, I'm not even a trained officer yet. But I do have 2 days experience. I have loved the past 2 days and am really looking forward to learning more. I do know the most important thing for a rookie like me though, ask questions of the experienced officers, listen, and don't guess!! I retired from trucking after 26 years of over the road. It is quiet the change of pace not being treated like a criminal but instead being treated like a human. I'm sure there will be days I hate but they will be minor compared to the days I love. Great officers so far. I'm really looking forward to "doing" 20 years there. Just wish I had started at 19 and not as an old man. I'm sure I'll find great and helpful information on this forum and have enjoyed reading it until I was approved to post. I'm a lucky man.

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    Good luck and welcome to officer.com!
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      I work about 30 miles north east of you

      I live about 10 miles straight north of you
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        Good Luck as you start. You will gain a lot of experience as you go. Just when you think you have seen it all something else will come up. The learning never ends. Good Luck and BE SAFE!
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          I know exactly how you feel!!! I was at Roadway Express for 11 yrs and left there in Feb of this year to care for my newborn.It is so nice to be treated like a person and not a number,and not having to deal with 2 faced backstabbing Teamsters and *****ty management.I am so glad I am a newly sworn officer!!!


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