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Hey from Colorado!


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  • Hey from Colorado!

    Hey! My name's Adam and I live in Denver. I graduated HS 2 years ago and am currently trying to obtain enough education to become a US Marshal. I'm not sure what my chances are to get into the Marshals without any prior experience, but I'm sure gonna try!
    Anyway, I look forward to getting more educated about and hearing from people who have actually been on the front lines!
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    Hello, welcome to Usually, federal law enforcement agencies such as the US Marshalls, FBI, etc. require a 4-year degree and/or previous law enforcemen experience. Most also have internships for those whol just graduated college etc. Visit this website for more information;
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      Welcome, Marshal's? Good outfit, I almost switched over
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      The real deal

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        I lived in Englewood near the Tech Center and know Littleton well.

        If you're shooting for the Marshals without experience. Get a bachelors and get terrific grades. You may qualify for as an "Outstanding Scholar" or you may be able to get in through an internship program.


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          Well Ive read their homa page for the Marshals, it says u need a Bachelors, works experience or a combo of both. Im waiting for the hiring process to start in Houston, the Marshal im speaking to said my 3 yrs in Army and 31 college credits is enough. I was also in Iraq for 8 months, I was Field Artillery


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