Hello all
This is a very informative site, I've been waiting for my account to get activated for a couple weeks. (yes that WAS me lurking in the shadows lol).
Anyhow first off I'd like to thank all those that got me this far, to the Grammy Awards..

oops..! wrong speech...!

Seriously Thank You to all LEOS out their for all you do, you are deeply appreciated (and admired ).

A little background info about myself. I'm 34 and currently working in retail , and have been in this field for about 18 years (in various positions). Prior to my current position I worked in Retail Loss Prevention for three years. Through the LP work my dreams of becoming a LEO were initiated. Now it is pretty much all consuming. I do face a few obstacles, but more about that later.

I look forward to engaging in conversation with the Officers on this board for advice. And exchanging stories with hopefuls like myself.

Take care , and stay safe out there!