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    Ive been reading the forums since March and posting every now and then, I didnt have much to contribute, afterall, i was only a mechanic. I have been working on my bachelors in CJ (1/2 way there) and then i lost my job at the beginning of the year i said screw it and went to the Police Academy.

    I have been wanting to do it forever (am 34 now) I graduated the academy at the beginning of August, so am super excited! I am finding the job hunting a little frustrating.

    I am married to a nurse, have 3 kids whom i adore. My littlest one is 4 and he thinks that dad being a cop is almost as cool as batman and spiderman, lol.

    Anyways, been reading alot of the posts, seems like a good group, i just wanted to tell you a little about me, hope to have many more conversations with all of ya.
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    Welcome to the group.

    Don't put yourself down as "I was just a mechanic" - Use that to your advantage when applying for a position. That experience will give you an edge when dealing with traffic stops and issuing tickets to a 'client' for an un-roadworthy car.
    If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence of your attempt.


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