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    ok, so i have some other accounts (they have 0 posts, i haven't been using them,) and now see i can only have one account, so even though i'm not using them all i figure i should have the others deleted. admin: can i send you a PM saying which ones to get rid of, what do i need to do to confirm they're mine, etc. i don't think it hurts having them but i know it's against the rules and i don't want to get banned.

    i would actually like to get rid of this one and keep one of the currently inactive ones, just b/c i figure if i can only keep one of the three anyways, i might as well pick the one i like. thanks for the help.

    idea: the other two are Columbus and CO-91, so im going to make a post with each of them here. just to help the confirmation thing. sorry for all of this.
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    i want to get rid of this account.


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      And I want to keep this account. So just to clarify, I want to keep this one, and have CO-91 and CentralTMC deleted.


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        The reason that multiple accounts are forbidden is to keep people from getting banned, then coming back under another user name. When we discover multiple accounts, they all get banned, not just the extras. We know there are people with multiple accounts, and they know they're not supposed to have them. Anyone that registers multiple accounts is skating on thin ice if they wish to continue having access to the forum.
        Tim Dees, now writing as a plain old forum member, his superpowers lost to an encounter with gold kryptonite.


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          Thank you Tim, I understand. No more accounts will be created as I now found this rule.



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