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Citizens Praise for LEOs


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  • Citizens Praise for LEOs

    I am very new here and so far have been thoroughly enjoying browsing the forums as there are a lot of good people here. Some threads are educating and fascinating to read, some are shocking (example: drug possession conviction overturned simply because a K9 was called in and sniffed around a stopped vehicle), and some threads are downright funny. Who says cops don't have a sense of humor!

    I joined this forum for a couple of reasons:

    First, I've seen links on the Internet to this forum on other forums along with some rather rude comments about LEOs in general. I know several police officers and have found them to be no different than other people when they are off duty, except that in general off duty officers tend to show more respect towards others than most people. Its obviously an integrity thing which by the way is also paramount to me. Quite frankly the rude comments which I have seen elsewhere got me ticked off, so I thought that I would check out these forums for myself. Needless to say, this forum is what I expected and isn't what I was lead to believe.

    Second, I have thought of a few safety tactics for LEOs but still don't know how to go about sharing this info for fear that the wrong people will read any posts which I make in this regard. Yeah, I am always thinking "outside the box". One tactic concerns the thread:

    I did my best to get a link on another forum and posts related to this thread shut down since there was another reason not presented in the thread here. I ran it by a retired officer and he realized that my reason was quite valid yet wasn't taught to him in training.

    But now, to my real subject for this post...

    As a private citizen, I have a few funny and a few very complimentary comments which I would like to post regarding some encounters with LEOs. Yet there is no forum or sub-forum where citizens can readily post their stories and praise for what LEOs have done for them -- not just because it is their duty but because either the LEO went beyond the call of duty or because the LEO did the extra work because he/she knew that it was the right thing to do.

    And the above, exactly, is my point. There should be a forum category called

    Citizens Praise for LEOs

    or something similar with a caption which reads

    "Post your positive experiences or stories and comments about law enforcement officers!"

    Maybe new members, upon signing up and having their email verified, could immediately be able to post to just this single forum while awaiting their final approval process. That would be neat as I am sure that there are lots of people out there who would love to share how a LEO has helped them by perhaps going beyond the call of duty simply because they truly care.

    I have a few posts which I would like to make to such a category. Hmm...come to think of it, there should be a subcategory called "Humorous Encounters of the LEO Kind". Years ago, I had a deadly serious yet very humorous LEO incident (looking down the barrel of his 9mm and actually seeing the bullet in the barrel aimed dead center at my left eyeball) which I could post to this category which was all the result of miscommunication between myself and a LEO and due to the noise of his mobile radio. It was funny as hell afterwards; the LEO and I had a good laugh about it.

    Anyway, after reviewing this forum, I think that a Citizens Praise for LEOs category is just what this forum needs -- especially for LEOs who have had an extremely stressful shift. I assume that all LEOs are more or less a "Band of Brothers" and perhaps reading something really good from a private citizen about how a LEO has gone out of their way to assist them may help stressed out LEOs to unwind from a really grueling day.

    Just my two cents for what its worth

    Sincerest Regards to All LEOs Everywhere,

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    We get quite a few requests for special forum sections, and we mostly do not act on them. The reason for this is that there first has to be enough message traffic to justify creating a new section. I haven't seen a rash of stories in praise of law enforcement, so I doubt that a section dedicated to that would see much traffic.

    Where the application approval process is concerned, I know many of the people whose forum applications were granted in the last couple of days have been waiting a while. We have had some personnel changes, and I had to pitch in and review applications for forum access. Between Friday and Saturday, I worked through 976 pending applications. The screening process may be slow, but it is the best we can do given the limitations of our resources and the forum software.
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