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    Last edited by Rapax; 03-06-2008, 11:42 PM.
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    Originally posted by Rapax
    Have you guys ever considered starting a thread on gang enforcement and issues, perhaps broken down by state? I have found in the last month we have been able to track down (my agency and many other metro ATL agencies) quite a few bad guy gang members by trying to discuss via email gang trends, names and the like via email. Having a forum would be great, well, I think anyway.
    If you want to keep a discussion to regional issues, there are always the individual state forums.

    I haven't seen enough traffic regarding gang enforcement to justify a separate forum section. Creating too many forum sections is counterproductive. People have to check too many areas to see if there are topics suiting their interest, and they get fatigued of it and quit.

    There is also then security issue. Just as the cops visit and read the posts on the various traffic violator forums, the bad guys read information posted here. At any given moment, we have four to five times as many "guests" (unregistered visitors, or people who are registered, but haven't logged in or can't because they've been banned) as registered members logged into the forums.

    I think your purpose would be better served by creating a private mailing list through Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups. That way, you can control who has access to the list at one central point, and not let anyone in unless they're individually vetted.
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