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  • Reserve/Auxiliary forum

    I wouldn't mind having an Reserve/Auxiliary forum. I'm just now starting out as a Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff and it would be nice to talk to others in my shoes about trying to going full-time, other jobs, how your shift went, ect....

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    good idea

    i concur because i would like to hear how other reserve programs are


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      Originally posted by andason
      i concur because i would like to hear how other reserve programs are
      Would be nice as long as it doesn't get too wanna-beish.


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        I'm behind it, as long as part-timers are included in the club. Don't hate me because I'm paid...
        Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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          i like the idea because I am trying to get on a reserve program.


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            I second the idea as well!


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              It would be great to have the area for us to talk and share.

              - though we will probably get flamed on a continual basis from a few certain fulltimers.
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                yeah, well, Those certain full-timers can bite my ***! I'm not in it for them, only for myself as I want to enter this field. I am getting myself in shape( I was 360 lbs. now am 250) And don't forget, those certain full-timers were wannabes at one time!


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                  good idea!


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                    I agree as well. Would be nice for those of us with questions about reserve programs and such. If used properly(and kept some of those asshat anit-reserve guys that seem to frequent this board...aka... whining bitches that think we are there to "play cop"....last I checked I went through the same standards and test you did.....) it could be a wonderful tool.
                    "You are what you do when it counts"-John Steakley (Armor)


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                      special police

                      iam going to school and taking the peace officer course for ny state so i can be a special/auxiliary police officer here i would love to chat with other ones who are going to be or already are


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                        Texas Reserve Officers

                        While I can not speak for every reserve officer in the state I can say the following about the reserves in the county I work in.

                        All reserves have compleated the full police academy, I believe it is now at 600 hours, the only reserves who have the "Reserve" peace officer license have been reserves for 15 to 20 years. That program is no longer available.

                        The reserves in our area are for the most part very good officers, I can only think of perhaps two out of 20 reserves that I have to question....I can't say that about as many full time officers in the county.

                        In several of the small cities reserves are the backbone of the force, if not for them days off would not happen for full time officers.

                        In my department most reserves are required to ride with a full time officer (Two reserves both of whom have 20 plus years of full time service are allowed to ride alone) and provide cover units.

                        All in all I have to commend the reserves I work with for helping us on patrol, and even more so when they have to show up in court.

                        If no one else says it then allow me "Thank you".


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                          new york special police

                          in rochester area that i live in the they are called special police officers or some still call them auxiliary police .Here they all they do is direct traffic in snow storms or major accidents and direct traffic for churches and other big things.they also take reports at accidents.check to make sure businesses are locked.and some times help out at d.w.i check points they are trained in taking finger prints. and arresting and how the car radio works and lights work

                          they do not carry guns only batons and hand cuffs as well as a side radio. some departments only do some of these things. aswell as some departments have some patrol cars just for this department


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