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    Now I know the thread originally posted by Bodie has been closed, and I am not trying to **** anybody off.

    I have also observed, like many others, that there are questions being answered and interrupted by non-leo's who have no right or knowledge to answer such questions in the 'ask-a-cop' section... It is my understanding that is why it is called 'ask-a-cop'.

    I understand there are thousands of threads posted every day, and I do not discount the fact the mods are extremely busy and reading over a thousand a day is quite tough... but I have seen on other sites a strict restriction on who can reply to questions asked by civilians.

    I have been a member of o.com for a few years now and I have stayed because I have normally gotten my questions and advice taken care of by trustworthy legitimate members of law enforcement. It is sad to see that others in my original situation who have recently joined, are having answers being clouded by illigitimate users.

    I feel that it is not unreasonable for members of this site to ask for a restriction and, not better, but closer inspection on replies to threads.

    Thank you very much for your time and attention.


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    My $.02 on the verified LE section.

    I am on the job now, but I tried out for several state police agencies as well as a few federal agencies. I know the hiring process of most of them. Most questions on these sites are concerning the hiring process. Now, if there was a verified section then some 20yr old kid who is a sworn LEO in a small town in New Mexico (who went through a 8-4 gentleman's 14 week academy) can answer about the hiring process for the NYSP but someone who has gone through most of the process or processed for another state agency cannot reply in the Ask-a-cop section.!!!!
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      Sorry, but we have no plans for a verified section in the immediate future. At a time when its appropriate, we may consider it.

      Thank you
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