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Criteria For Banishment


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  • Criteria For Banishment

    There is a lot of confusion as to why DaveInUtah was banned. I know that it is your policy to not discuss other members, and I am writing on his behalf.

    He has not received any message from ocom as to the reason for or the length of his being banned. He has no clue as to what he did wrong and is just looking for an explanation. The general perception among many of us is that nothing that he posted was out of line.

    As for myself (and others), I would just like to know what crtiteria other than personal attacks or anti-LE posts are grounds for being removed from the site.

    Thank you.
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    Good post Butterbean.......adresses many questions I am sure we would all like to know.


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      First: We do not, and never will, discuss reasons for someone being banned with OTHER users.

      And now the ground rules for being banned:

      - Don't post messages about OTHERS being banned. A forum like this is FINE, however, posting a message about 'SO and SO Banned!' and posting some IM conversation with them trying to defend them when you know nothing of the issue other than one side, nor see the post(s) or actions in question that resulted in the ban. Bottom line: Worry about your own posts, not others business. We will NEVER discuss a banning of one user with another user or respond to posts online about why someone was banned.

      - Don't post messages the directly or indirectly ATTACK other users opinions. Post your own opinion in response, thats fine. But when you turn a post into why 'so and so' is a moron, its completely out of reason.

      - Don't be a civilian posting in the Squad Room.

      - Don't be a police officer or civilian and attack each other SIMPLY for the fact you're on the other side. Stick to the topic and discuss it, not each other, especially personal attacks. There is zero tolerance for that here. No flaming.

      - And as the message at the top says, posts that are anti law enforcement (or likewise pro-crime), will be removed, as well as anything that is profane,

      99% of the time people know why they were banned. They may fail to tell others why, but they know. We make every attempt to inform the user via email or PM why they were removed and for how long, OR post a quick message that overwrites the message that resulted in the ban with a short note that the user was in fact removed.

      Its a very tough job to manage a forum this size. It makes it a lot easier when people just realize we're not out to get anyone, and when someone steps over the line -- even in instances that aern't described above -- don't go on and on about why they got banned in a public forum. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

      And just remember..whenever someone is banned, almost EVERY TIME, the contents of their post are either edited or deleted to remove the questionable/offensive/inappropriate activity so just because YOU don't see why someone was banned, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

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