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  • Law Enforcement Yearbook

    Hey guys, if anyone read my previous post about Recruiting Strategy, you'll know that I am an intern with my local sheriff's office so I am turning to y'all for some help since you guys have way more experience than me and may be able to point me in the right direction.

    I just had my weekly meeting with my Sergeant and have given my assignments. For most of them, I know where to go but this one I have no idea.

    She wants to put together a Yearbook for the Sheriff's Office. Yes a Yearbook, like the ones we all got in grade school. She had seen an advertisement for one before at the Sheriff's Office but threw it away. From what she remembers the company would do everything at no cost to the Sheriff's Office as long as it was guaranteed that the employees would order them. This also has support from the Deputies Association but nobody can remember where to get them.

    So with that being said, has anyone ever had a Yearbook for their agency and if so, can you point me in the direction of where to look. Right now based on Google it appears it Jostens and Balfour may be where to go.


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    A cautionary word of advice.

    Be REAL careful what yearbook company you deal with. Our department started the process a few years ago, they came in took pictures, AND COLLECTED IN ADVANCE for the books (yeah, I know, you would think we would know better, but it was a department-backed project - - soooo, we trusted), promising delivery of the books and a picture package within a couple of months.

    A lot of employees bit on it and paid up front only to learn later - - MUCH later - - when we weren't getting what we paid for, that the company had gone belly-up - - WITH our money.

    Long story short - - we got screwed. I am personally out $140+, and a large number of our employees also got the shaft.

    The company was Excalibur Marketing in Atlanta, which shows to no longer be in business. They advised that they were being bought out by another company and "promised" that our orders would be honored. Yeah, right. Still waiting.

    Live and learn. Just an FYI.

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      Oh man that's horrible. That's gotta take some gall to rip off a bunch of cops. I was looking at Balfour which handles many Universities, including mine and elementary schools.

      But I with whatever I find, I will advise my Sergeant of your situation and tell her to keep her guard up. Thank you!


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        Turner Publishing is the company that did our last two:

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