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Why are all of the various topics threads so quickly deleted?


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  • Why are all of the various topics threads so quickly deleted?

    Why are the threads being killed so quickly the moment a discussion becomes even slightly heated? Threads are getting killed when nothing outrageous or out of line is being said. Two threads were killed when the most outrageous thing said was somebody calling somebody else a fool. What is the point of having a various topics forum if you are going to kill any thread when a discussion becomes heated?

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    When a post gets reported then the forum admin has to go look at the post. Often - and as is the case with the threads that get deleted - by the time we look at the reported post, a number of others have also been reported in the same thread. Why? Because one person throws an insult; then someone reports that post / insult but throws an insult back: two posts now need to be deleted. Three other people quote an insult, report a post, and one or two throw more insults back. Oddly enough, usually it's the first person who threw an insult who reports posts the most.

    In the end, when a thread gets to the point where five or six posts need to be edited or deleted, then usually the thread has completely gone off topic and time demands make it more efficient to delete the thread rather than edit two-thirds or more of the posts.

    Lessons to be learned: if you report a post, DON'T respond to it. DON'T quote it. REPORT IT and leave it be. If you're angry about a topic or comment as you type your reply, remember that personal insults are not welcome here. Debate in an adult fashion or don't post.
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