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    Sorry,but not veryone who stayed after this is automatically bad,myself in that number even though i'm with another dept besides NOPD. Its offensive to read posts like this,because i'm tired as hell of seeing the good lumped in with the bad. All depts have their thugs,corrupt,worthless,lazy etc....please pull yoiur head out of the sand if you think every solitary officer in your own depts is worthy of wearing a badge....aint so and you know it. Its very easy to bash right now,but when confronted with this why did you ont pursue it as far as you could? Or better yet just shoot the pieces of s***??? The ones that left and the ones that ran around acting like the criminals they are make me wanna vomit and i wish you would have taken appropriate action. What upsets me just as much is some of the help that's showed up......words cant express how much debt and gratitude is owed to some and even though i have in the past and would again in a second do the same thing,i hope i never have to beause the combined circumstances aint much fun. Believe me its just as disheartening to see the large number of wannabes who haved showed up in the aftermath of all this.......3,4,5 weeks later and still now the cty has people showing up not so much to help but just to say they were there,dress up cute lik tactical ted wearing everything they could find in a galls catalog,acting arrogant and being more concerned with the fit of their thigh holsters and getting backto the air conditioning than actually doing anything but riding around all day in circles and then going home with contrived "war stories" to tell since nola right now is the "in" place to go so to speak....knife cuts both ways...would you want me to judge you automatically and blanketly like some of you have done here? Arrogance in and among LEO's is just as bad as thugs in uniform......Decide for yourselves before you assume everyone is the same. Sory to sound this way but believe me,help notwithstanding,we also met our share of guys and girls who thought getting to dress up in bdu's instead of a class A's made em the man and they were just gonna come down and 'save the day'. Do i have that opinion of all everyone that came to help?? HELL NO...i'll be the first to admit the city couldnt have done it without em.....I wish i could have met a few of you that showed myself. Thanks one and all
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      Originally posted by Wyatt Earp
      I'm sure there are a few that are true law enforcement officers in New Orleans, but I saw a lot of criminals in uniform from the Superintendent, down to the patrol officer.
      My quote from above repeated.

      I have described my personal experience with the NOPD.

      My thanks to Joseph for his comments. I wish I would've met you too.

      Obviously, L-1 and I had similar experiences with the NOPD.

      Based on what I saw of the NOPD administration and the local government officials, the NOPD needs to be disbanded and reorganized. The true law enforcement professionals can survive a reorganization, but I'm sure many officers wouldn't be able to get rehired in their own department.

      Like I said earlier, wait for the indictments. The FBI has already contacted my colleagues about the incidents we witnessed.
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        I have spoken with some of our guys that went down and like L-1 stated same stories came back. On a foot pursuit the subjects even ran into a precint office and as our guys followed were worned off. It ****es me off to no end that our guys put themselves in harms way and were threatened by "fellow officers" that we were there to help. THAT is indefensible.

        Now I don't think that ANYONE here is saying that EVERYONE in NOPD is a bad egg. That is simply not possible or even true. There are a lot of good officers in the department but YOU cannot discount the many problems that NOPD has. IT has had and continues to have a bad reputation. If officers were caught looting and no diciplinary action is taken against them then NOPD will never regain any sort of positive reputation. You can not excuse what happened by saying "not everyone is corrupt". Clearly that is true, but it up to the ones who uphold the law to clean up the department. To do nothing is to condone it. NOPD has a problem and it has to start from within to fix it, if that takes bringing in the FBI then so be it. Those who did no wrong have nothing to fear.

        I hate hearing citizens making ignorant complaints about departments. For example LAPD and the rampart Div deal. "LAPD is all corrupt", "just like in the movies" IGNORANT!! Sure there were a FEW bad cops, but LAPD is not the few. I'm not LAPD, but I still respect them and the job they do. NOPD, Sorry to say it, these stories are coming from officers that were there not John Q public. I respect NOPD officers that stuck around to do the job in spite of their own personal tragedies. I respect them yet also know that there are many that tarnished that image. I will respect them even more when those that acted like thugs are arrested like thugs.


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          "To do nothing is to condone it"

          Here we go....like I said before,seems like everyone making these complaints did nothing......am i condoning or denying what happened? nope not at all,but the question still stands to all the ones that witnessed all this first hand...why did you allow it to happen? you were brought here to stop the looting,the BSand arest the sh** running around the city,and in every account i read that hasnt/didnt happen,but everyone witnessed this that and the other and did nothing about it??? WHY????? Why did you allow yourselves to be waived off? Why werent these incidents turned into standoffs at the OK Corral until enuff supervisors from all sides and up to the man upstairs himself and noone could hide anything? Could have easily been done,yet it wasnt. Why?? Why allow to happen the very thing you came here to prevent? You really think pointing fingers now,relating stories after the fact and so on is going to result in any action taken? On what grounds now,heresay??? Much easier to prove what kind of human sh** the dept hired to play racial politics and political correctness wen you have em locked up at the bus station with the other maggots......i agree it has to start from within,and a huge jumpstart to it would have been for all those from out of town thatwitnessed this to put an end to it. Noone here would allow their safety to be challenged or dictated by some street maggot any other time,yet this time people put their hands up and just let it go?????????????? WHY


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            To do nothing is to condoen it: Thats all you got from what I wrote. Let me clarify it. Rest assured that any violations witnesses by persons in my department have been pushed up the chain and to the overseeing authority. That is doing something. We'll see if politics plays a role in this won't we. Did you expect our guys or any other department to get into some shootout with local officers (marked units no less, per L-1). What would you do? Shoot it out? Let's face it, the situation in NO was out of control, there was no order and many crimes were committed by many people, BUT COPS! Come on, this isn't one of those interview questions: "what will you do if you are trying to arrest an off duty cop for looting and have a gun pointed at you by another local cop?" It is a rare and unforseeable situation. Noone going to help in NO was going to take on the local cops or so they thought.

            You may want to chalk this up however you want, BUT you also know that there is a problem ther in NO. THEY have the problem, THEY need to fix it, if not, take the lumps. It's not just the PD its the entire city management that has the problem.


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              Originally posted by zeeman66
              Why did you allow yourselves to be waived off? Why werent these incidents turned into standoffs at the OK Corral until enuff supervisors from all sides and up to the man upstairs himself and noone could hide anything?
              In the case of my agency it was tactically unwise to do so. They were outgunned two to one and because their radio was on a California frequency with no repeaters available, they were unable to call for help. Given the circumstances, I don't think they were willing to risk dieing for the glory of New Orleans.

              They reported the incident in a timely manner and were advised by our brass that in future similar situations they were expected to take appropriate action and meet force with force if necessary. LSP management was present when this admonishment was given and low and behold, the next day Louisiana authorities in charge of assigning mutual aid forces suddenly took our people off looter patrol and assigned them to house search and rescue. This pretty much limited the likelihood of them coming across any more cops looting. Whether this was intentional or coincidence is unknown. However, the timing of such a reassignment raises a lot of questions.

              Like the others, I do not think all NOPD officers are crooks. But the agency certainly appears to have a number of bad apples.
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                Originally posted by L-1
                ...glory of New Orleans
                Isn't that something like an "oxymoron"???

                [QUOTE]Mirriam-Webster online

                One entry found for oxymoron.

                Main Entry: ox
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                  I am also a member of the Army. I get the service publications with articles from those who were there.
                  When a CG 09 has to take charge, the 82nd. ABN, Navy and Marines go in, there are no secrets.
                  We do After Action Reports.
                  The govt. has no chance of hushing them up.
                  Each command from Plt. Leader on writes one.
                  My Field Grade officers back up the worst above.
                  NOPD can not match an Inf. Plt.
                  Had I been in charge I would have given the kill order. Not one of those looters cops, or not, would have stood trial. Being LA, I doubt they ever will.
                  The chance to clense the NOPD was missed. Now it will be business as usual.
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