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  • Katrina Security Posting

    Katrina Security Posting


    The "Katrina Security Assignment" posted on this, Spec OPS Adavantage, Russ Shattles' The Red Zone, and wherever else, WAS NOT POSTED BY ME!
    Somebody plagerized my name, and has posted this ludicrious offer. I was
    in Slovakia, then Holland during the time of the hurricane, went to Colorado
    and then to the Gulf Area, to do a Threat Assessment, and concluded that
    health risks for the dogs was too great in a fourth world environment, and
    cancelled any such project there. Since then, I have been bombarded with
    phone calls (My Phone Number WAS Private!) and OPSEC violated. 99% of the
    emails were probably dumped as spam as I have a high security firewall. I tried to reply to as many as I could, probably 150 or so. This is not the first time I have had someone try to get business from me without
    my consent or authorization, and the people that I know of have been terminated from any such future operations with CQB K-9. I would never ask for SSN#, DL#, or to bring loaded ammunition on commercial aircraft! Especially on websites!!!!
    This was a "headhunting" operation that someone used my name to hope get enough bodies there for their own gain, not mine.
    I have no use for running a security guard company, people that do, do that well, I do what I do well, operate and train the best dogs in the world.
    If there has been any harm done, I shall bear full responsibility for this matter.
    as I am man enough to take it, The person(s) that posted these "Offers"
    CQB K-9

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