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Presidential address tonight


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  • Presidential address tonight

    is anyone else watching this,,

    does anyone else have any problems with it,

    i am not one to bag on the president, but i am a little concerned.

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    cool... after the interview, a news station started interviewing evacuees outside the astrodome in houston,, a couple of them said they did not blame the pres, or the fed gov.. one said that the city gov. let them down, she saw hundreds of buses sitting in water, why where they not used by the city,,,at least some people have a level head.
    haha, she also was talking about the levees,,she said that she knows that the fed gov has given new orleans a lot of money over the years to fix the levees, but that the city gov. has put that money else where,,instead of on the levees...
    she spent five days at the convention center...


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      The President has never been a great public speaker, but I think he laid out a good plan for the rebuilding of the region.


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        yea, but there has been a lot of debate on here about the "welfare nation" and about some people pulling the race card, the first 10 minutes was all about minorities, minorities, minorities, and about how the "minoirities" are going to get free homes, free home loans, free jobs, free businesses, i am sorry, this is just a continuation from other debates, i know they need help, i am not saying they dont, but half his speech was about minorities, i am sorry, but you cant tell me that all those people, hispanic, black, white, however lived down there, could not find a job, everyone has said that area is THE MAJOR PORT for ships and oil and whatnot, you cant tell me that there were no jobs, maybe not all glamerous six figure jobs, but none the less, there were jobs,
        i dont know, maybe im still just ****ed that when the gov gave the evacuees $2k atm cards, they had numerous numerous reports of these cards ending up being used on $1k purses and junk,,,
        i am just very much on the side that argues that the fed gov. helps make people poor, with how they will give just damn near anyone a social security check, except for the people who retire and try to file for one, and here they go again, giving more free stuff to people who had nothing because they did not did not work to begin with, and those that do work, are going to be paying for it,
        *just venting*


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          Frankly, I
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            [QUOTE=LawEnfWB]Frankly, I


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