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Local Prisoners Donate to Hurricane Relief


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  • Local Prisoners Donate to Hurricane Relief

    Ok I thought this was pretty cool....So I thought it should be posted.....Wonder if the inmates use this as an excuse to get CCS....lmmo

    Updated 9/7/2005 at 21:25:39
    An unusual fund drive is going on right now in the Clark County jail. Two deputies and inmates devised a plan for men in jail to send money to people who lost everything in hurricane Katrina.

    Deputies John Loney and Bradley Barnhart came up with the plan to let inmates donate from their commissary funds. It's the money they can use to buy personal hygiene items and snacks.

    And the inmates are embracing it. As of Thursday afternoon the inmates had raised $358 dollars.

    At the end of the week the deputies and sheriff's office staff are pledging to match or double the inmate's contribution.
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    That's a nice idea.

    Really contrasts with the interview I watched on Fox where a "displaced" (P.C. for "refugee") told the interviewer "Just gives us what the F _ _ _ we deserve." There was a second or two where nobody said a word.


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      That's because we live in a county where people think the are owed or deserve things for just living here, dispute the fact that they never contributed a thing to the country.


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        Great I guess the tax payers will break even...........

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