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You never know who you'll meet...


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  • You never know who you'll meet...

    So my guy goes to the local ER today for an allergic reaction to some meds. As a nurse and I are trying to get him out of my truck into a wheelchair, a man comes over and is fortunately big enough and strong enough to lift him into the chair, as she and I are unable to do so. I assumed that the man was a nurse or a hospital employee.

    In the course of my guy's treatment, the nurse expressed gratitude for the man's help, then mentions that he is not a hospital employee-he is from Louisiana-yes, you know the rest-he is one of the many displaced residents.

    Once things are well on my end, I went to find this man-he had brought his mother in for heart trouble and had family spread out through the waiting room. He said that they had lost everything and were staying outside of Houston in a motel.

    I had nothing at all to give him or his family-the best I could do was a big hug, teary "Thanks" and "Bless you and yours-I pray it all works out". This man didn't have to get up out of his chair-he didn't have to help but he did. After all he's probably been through-he didn't have to do a thing. He was gone by the time my guy was released as we looked for him so my guy could shake his hand and also Thank him.

    As I said in another post, God Bless all of those affected-no matter how and what the circumstances.

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    I think sometimes that we forget to post the "good" stories. It's easier and and sometimes more fun to write about bad stuff (and because there is so much more it.)

    One of my twins has a-typical febrile seizures. The first time she had a seizure my wife out her alone and she looked in the mirror to see her eyes rolling back into her head. She pulled over in a gas station and began screaming for someone to call an ambulance.

    Well this older couple filling up rushed over to help my wife pull the little one out of the car seat and laid her in the the back of our jeep cherokee until the ambulance arrived. Once she stopped seizing she fell into a deep sleep (can't remember the term) and my wife thought she had died.

    As the ambulance arrived she started to seize again so they scooped my wife and little one and took off.

    Well, this older couple seeing that my wife had abandoned the jeep with the keys in it, got in and drove it to the hospital. Not only did they drive the car to the hospital, but they loaded up the meter for her as well. They left a note wishing us well and the keys with admitting nurse and left without ever being thanked.

    I did track them down about a week later and called them on the phone and thanked them for their kindness, and that christmas we sent them out a GC for a nice dinner and drinks.

    Just when you least expect it, someone will do something kind and will blow you away.


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      [] Once she stopped seizing she fell into a deep sleep (can't remember the term) and my wife thought she had died.

      The term you are thinking of is "Post ictal", The person expended so much energy during the seizure that they sleep to regain it (watch for the breathing though, because they can stop).


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