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Disaster relief and racism


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  • Disaster relief and racism

    Disaster Relief and racism....

    As I, like many, watch the horrorific scenes unfolding in the New Orleans area, I have noticed that some want this to be a racial issue. Why? is'nt there enough misery to go around? I have watched CNN try to spark the racial fire with many of their interviews. Is it racism that CNN has'nt covered the distruction in Alabama like it has in New Orleans; since New Orleans is now being considered a "Black" city? Is it racism when CNN talks more to black victims of this Hurricane and white victims? What about all the folks outside of New Orleans? Are all of those victims "Black" too? Is all of the victims in the horrible situation to be based on their skin color instead of them being seen as humans or at least americans? CNN should be ashamed of itself for trying to stir the hate of racism until someone says something that can used as a video clip that will be shown over and over again. But, they'll be patted on the back for their "Care of the victims" by showing the horrors in New Orleans. Let's quit "[email protected]*%n" and get in there and do some good. There is plenty of "bad" to spread around. People are dying and in need of help. Criminals are out there raping & killing innocent citizens while shooting at the Police and firemen who have lost as much as anyone in that area. Let's quit looking for someone to blame! All this was created by...a Hurricane! It did what Hurricane's do! We have to put a stop to the lawlessness and help these people. How could this type tragedy have been planned on? Has anyone in the history of the world been able to prepare better or to assist more than the UNited States of America? If so, who? Let's stop blaming each other and do something that matters and help! No matter if these victims stayed when they should have left. No matter if they are black, white, or whatever! No matter if they are rich, poor or middle income! And, to you CNN and several others, either get in there and do some good or get your *** out of the way and let someone who will.
    War is'nt about who's right, it's about who's left.

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    I totally agree with you I love CNN but they have been horrible covering this hurricane! They need to report the facts and stop the suggestive reporting.


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      CNN has been trying very hard to start some type of race war. They bring on the most uneducated idiots and then ask them leading questions ti get them to blame racism on the slow response. Disgraceful.


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        Stop Whining

        CNN has always been far left in its reporting, so I'm not suprised to see they are engendering more "look out black people, they're trying to kill you," reporting.

        If someone can show me something resembling proof that the relief efforts have been intentionally slowed because of race factors, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, they need to shut the hell up- make a donation or go to NO and help clean up.

        My wife and I gave $100 to the red cross-it wasn't marked "for whites only." And believe me, if I get sent there (an unlikely, but possible, scenario), I won't hesitate to help blacks, whites, asians, etc. We're all humans and this race card shiyot is so old, I can't believe people insist on dragging its corpse around.
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          Well said, DUKE
          War is'nt about who's right, it's about who's left.


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            couldn't have said it better duke. but the reason the race card is played so many times is because there are people who benefit (monetarily and otherwise) from it. its these people who claim to be "fighting for equality" yet are doing more than anyone to hurt equality. if everyone feels equal, they're out of a job - and they make a lot of dough in that profession.

            i won't name names, but anyone who watches the news semi-regurally will have a few people come to mind rather quickly. the really bad part is that their "followers" actaully believe the verbal vomit that these people spew around.
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              CNN News Flash:
              Its All Bush's Fault
              Be sure you're right, then go ahead
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                Originally posted by Bowles
                CNN News Flash:
                Its All Bush's Fault
                You mean IT'S NOT?
                Hail hail the gang's all here, when the going gets tough I know my friends will still be there. - Drop Kick Murphys, "The Gang's all Here"


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                  Originally posted by Duke
                  If someone can show me something resembling proof that the relief efforts have been intentionally slowed because of race factors, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, they need to shut the hell up- make a donation or go to NO and help clean up.
                  You and I are in the same boat Duke. Show me some proof!

                  Minimum effort yeilds minimal results


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                    Playing the race card is bull****, the only reason that it is been played is so that some politicians can get some free airtime.

                    Coordinating a rescue and recovery operation of this scale takes time and is a logistical nightmare.
                    If you run, you'll only go to jail tired


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                      Racism! Could you imagine what it would have been like for a white family to have showed up at the Superdome. Didn't see any, but how many seconds would they have lasted.
                      The liberal politician has the only job where they go to the office to work for everyone but those who pay their salary.


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                        I could be wrong but I have not seen the NAACP or the Nation of Islam or the "Rainbow/PUSH" coalition down there handing out food or supples. I guess they did not think it was important enough to cut into their air time on the news.
                        Disclaimer: The writer does not represent any organization, employer, entity or other individual. The first amendment protected views/commentary/opinions/satire expressed are those only of the writer. In the case of a sarcastic, facetious, nonsensical, stirring-the-pot, controversial or devil's advocate-type post, the views expressed may not even reflect those of the writer.


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                          Guys, you'll love this one:

                          It is now racist because we are FORCING them to leave the city. A woman was being interviewed on TV and said she didn't want to leave.

                          She compared the forced evacuation to slavery. She actually said that we were almost back to slavery!

                          Can you believe it? First, it is racism because we're not in there quick enough and strong enough. Now its racism because we're in there and making them leave.

                          Make up your mind people. You can't have it both ways.
                          Sign here. Press hard. You are making five copies.


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                            Originally posted by AtlCop
                            She compared the forced evacuation to slavery. She actually said that we were almost back to slavery!
                            I think it was Jackson that commented a few days ago that seeing all the people on the overpasses was just like the cramped quarters of the old slave ships...WTF, how messed up in the head do you have to be to connect those 2. That''s all I have to say to this topic, I've expressed myself before on this race crap.


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                              Originally posted by tony.o
                              Racism! Could you imagine what it would have been like for a white family to have showed up at the Superdome. Didn't see any, but how many seconds would they have lasted.
                              Here is just one of the many harrowing stories being told by Australians.

                              The Australian Government claims that all foreign diplomats seeking to rescue their citizens were banned by local authorities from entering the disaster area.

                              Sisters say they're lucky to be alive

                              Two Sydney sisters caught up in Hurricane Katrina say they are lucky to be alive after a harrowing ordeal in which they feared for their lives.

                              Michelle Van Grinsven, 21, and her sister Lisa, 23, took shelter in the New Orleans Superdome last Sunday along with thousands of others.

                              The sisters, from Bangor in Sydney's south, returned home on Monday night after spending most of the last week of their three-month trip to the United States just trying to stay safe.

                              They joined forces with another nine Australians in the Superdome and say that was the only reason they managed to survived unscathed.

                              Michelle Van Grinsven said she was horrified by the loss of law and order in New Orleans, where the sisters spent four nights in the Superdome.

                              They were then moved to a nearby basketball arena and spent an additional two nights in the basement of the Hyatt Hotel while they waited for a bus to evacuate them to Dallas.

                              "There are really bad memories from that time," Ms Grinsven said.

                              Their plight worsened as the days dragged on and the physical and verbal abuse they suffered became more frequent.

                              "We would get distressed just waiting in the food line because of the verbal abuse," Ms Van Grinsven said.

                              "Another day I was walking along and someone just came and grabbed my butt.

                              "People would feel around your chest area to see if you were carrying money."

                              The worst part of being in the Superdome were the bathrooms, she said.

                              "There was no power, the water was contaminated, the sewerage was up to the brim of the toilet, there were drugs and powder over the floor, urine on the floor and I saw blood on the floor. It was not a nice place to be.

                              The sisters they stuck like glue to the other Australians and the unity of the group was the reason they all survived physically unscathed.

                              "We wouldn't leave each other," Ms Van Grinsven said.

                              "As soon as we realised we were in danger we stuck together a hundred per cent of the way."

                              She says Brisbane men Bud Hopes and John McNeill looked after the entire group, escorting them to the toilets inside the Superdome and keeping their spirits high.

                              "There were about 103 internationals (in the Superdome) and honestly two Australian guys in particular, but the Australians in general, really just lifted the spirits and kept everyone alive," she said.

                              "I can't even tell you how proud I am of being an Australian and of Bud and John."

                              Ms Van Grinsven said she was happy to be home, but disappointed in the lack of help offered by Australian consular officials.

                              "... they were no help and we were all distressed, because we really thought they'd be able to help us.

                              "When we got to Dallas we expected them to be waiting for us, but they weren't."

                              Source: AAP News Service


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