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Long Beach, MS


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  • Long Beach, MS

    I posted this in another area, but...

    Does anyone have information about Long Beach, MS?

    I have searched online and put my friends/relatives names on a search website, with no luck so far.

    It's right next to Gulfport and looks to have fared badly. I just wondered about the area further back from the beach.

    (And no, i still cant get a phone call thru.)

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    i'm not sure how familiar you are with the area - i saw a video saying that everything beach side of the railroad tracks that run right through long beach is pretty much gone. i think the other side of the tracks fared a little better... but thats all relative.
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      Yeah...i dont know where their street is in relation to that.

      The street is Joyce Ave. I have only been there twice.


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        same here - went there twice, one week each time... about a year apart.

        although, according to mapquest, joyce avenue is north of the railroad tracks... so is sounds like they would have a better chance than many. the people i know down there live (lived) on yucca dr., just north and slightly west of joyce avenue.

        i'll keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.
        Veritas & Aequitas


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          Have you tried touching base with the people on this site? It has message boards for each state effected.

          You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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            If you know where abouts it is, this may help

            Just click on the boxes and look. I know it's not alot, but may give you an idea.

            *EDIT* Joyce Ave. should be here....I'll try to explain it. From where the red line is. The top most square that line goes through there. Move right 2 boxes. Thats the general area of where you want. Then on the next closer shot it should be in relation to that island on the bottom. The west side of the island, follow that up.

            I know that's vague, but I used google earth with joyce ave and thats whereabouts it showed it.
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              I just found the super dome, it is in fact after the hurricane. Don't know still if you find what you want.
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                Thanks. I will check both sites.

                I also contacted a radio personality from this area who's heading back to MS. (He was here on vacation and came on the news.) He is going to check for me, also.


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