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NAPO leading donations to New Orleans Officers


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  • NAPO leading donations to New Orleans Officers

    Hi, I received a press release from Sam Katz at NYC Detectives Endowment advising the NAPO is leading with and requesting assistance be sent to New Orleans officers many of whom worked throught the Hurricane without knowing or learning the fate of their families. As we are learning with this morning's news, officers are down, and dammit there will be more names on the NLEOM wall come April when they are etched.

    There are many charities out there collecting but to make sure the money gets to officers give directly to the officers families or the adresses contained within.

    Yes I am a journalist but I worked inside a PD building a crime analysis department. 911, I went to work and quarterbacked my PD. My next piece was intended to remind people about the First Responders who gave their lives in the line of duty. It will be that, even more so. I will take on the media suggesting officers abandoned their posts. Google me, eventually that piece will come up. But for the moment, get this press release out to others, media, etc and strongly remind people who officers are- there where you need them.

    Sincerest Regards
    Carrie Devorah

    NYC's Detective's Endowment Association executive, Sam Katz writes the NAPO, National Association of Police Organization's
    Relief Fund, is the most appropriate place to send donations for New
    Orleans "beleagured police officers and their families." The NAPO, founded
    in 1978, is a Washington DC based coalition of police unions and
    associations from across the United States. Michael Palladino, President
    of NYC's Detective Endowment Association and Vice President of the NAPO
    says this fund was set up years ago to aid in such emergencies. Palladino
    says "officers in New Orleans are carrying a double burden; the job of
    trying to maintain law and order in a devastated major American city, all
    the while trying to cope with their own pain and loss-of their homes,
    families, friends and their town. This is the words imaginable scenario
    police officers can face." Palladino urges individuals seeking to aid
    officers, the NAPO is working directly with the Police Association of New
    Orleans to ensure donations go directly to their members in need.
    Donations can be made at www.napo.org or sent to NAPO Relief Fund, c/o
    NAPO, 720 FIrst Street, NY, Suite 920, Washington DC 20002-4241.

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