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  • Neighborhood "Crimewatch" info/discussion board

    I am in the process of developing what I plan to be a secure discussion board where approved (and vetted) members of my neighborhood can share information about crime happening on our streets.

    This is more than a "neighborhood watch" -- it's a fairly large area served by about 10 different block clubs, but self-identified as the same neighborhood, with a long history as such.

    It is hoped that this will help neighbors stay better informed about what is happening and thus help us do more to control it.

    Information is power. I have a great deal of knowledge about what’s been going down on my own street that I don’t dare post to public neighborhood sites. And I am finding that many others are in the same position. My hope is that with more information collected we can more easily connect the dots and better protect ourselves.

    We have a neighborhood police-citizens meeting but not everyone can attend. And there is not enough time to share all pertinent information during that meeting. Plus, there is no “action” portion to that meeting — i.e., now that we know this, what are we going to do about it.

    I haven’t begun the mechanics of it yet. I welcome suggestions for other kinds of net resources, technologies, ways of going about doing this.

    I have the enthusiastic endorsement of our sector crime prevention officer.

    So, have any of you any experience with this sort of thing? Any suggestions about online resources that could be used here?

    I am thinking I want something similar to a board like this, which helps organize information far better than the usual Yahoo or MSN type group.

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    Happiness never decreases by being shared. -- Buddhist quotation
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