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  • Officer Needs assistance

    I am a patrol Sergeant with the Muskegon Michigan Police Deparment. We have an officer that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The problem being that the insurance company here is fighting with him over a surgery that can correct his problem. I am looking for information including but not limited to, donations, charities, case law concerning insurance companies not paying, and most of all support for our officer. Please feel free to contact me by Email at [email protected] with any information. Thank you all in advance for your support


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    Hello Chad, Welcome to

    Since this is not strictly a family matter, I am moving this post to "General Topics".

    I believe that you will recieve more answers to your post, there.

    Best of luck.
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      Sgt. Chad, what type of insurance does the Officer have? I certainly can relate to the concern, and tedious doctor appointments. If your Officer has a good Doctor, then he should be able to assist in the insurance problem. I recently had a scare but fortunatly it turned out not to be a big deal. Also tell your Officer to be real careful about what drugs he is prescribed, if any. In situations like this you must learn to be very proactive in your own care.

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        My son had a benign brain tumor removed 8 years ago. Fortunately, his insurance gave us no problems. Below are two URL's that give excellent info and suppot about brain tumors. Alo, tell the officer to keep a journal of everything that is going, meds prescribed, insurance company info, etc. That is invaluable to doctors. If you or the officer would like to contact me if you have any questions. you can do so at [email protected] It is so nice that you are there for your friend. He and his family must be truly scared and need to know friends are there for him.
        Also, gracedawn is very right about a patient becoming proactive. He has to take charge of this. If my H and I hadn't, our on might still have his timor. His family dr and 2 neurologists diagnosed the tumor as a cyst and wanted to just leave it alone and keep him meds for his seaizures. My H nd I refused to accept this and finally took him to the Mayo Clinic. They also diagnosed it as a cyst but took it off his brain. That's when they found it wa a tumor, not a cyst.

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