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Can anyone explain this?


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  • Can anyone explain this?


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    The last thread on this was removed from the board. I am going to assume it was done by the mods on purpose or it would have been put back by now.

    Since my comments wouldn't be any different than what I said then, I don't have any comment to make.


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      From NY Daily News

      Rookie cop in hot water after video shows him slamming biker
      Updated Tuesday, July 29th 2008, 3:13 AM
      A rookie NYPD cop was stripped of his badge and gun Monday after a stunning video caught him slamming a bicyclist to the ground in an apparent unprovoked attack.

      Officer Patrick Pogan, 22, of the Midtown South Precinct, was bounced to desk duty soon after the video of Friday's incident in Times Square appeared on YouTube.

      "The video is bad - what can you say?" a police source said. The damning video not only revealed an out-of-the-blue attack but also seems to show Pogan lied about the incident in court papers.

      Pogan was one of two cops at Seventh Ave. and 46th St. monitoring a Critical Mass bike rally when a swarm of cyclists rode by ringing their bells about 9:35 p.m. Without warning, Pogan, a former high school football offensive lineman, appears to single out one cyclist, jog toward the sidewalk and then slam his shoulder into the biker.

      The impact sent Christopher Long, 29, crashing to the pavement in front of shocked onlookers.

      "All of a sudden the cop picked this kid out and bodychecked him," said cyclist Craig Radhuber, 54, who was riding about 3 feet to the right of Long. "I couldn't believe what was going on."

      When Long tried to get up, Pogan and his partner tackled him to the ground and tried to handcuff him, witnesses said. Long "was startled and shaken, and the officers were being really violent," said witness Bill DiPaola, director of Time's Up! an environmental group that supports Critical Mass.

      Long, of Bloomfield, N.J., was arrested and charged with attempted assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He declined to comment yesterday. His lawyer David Rankin said "the video speaks for itself" and said he may sue.

      In court documents, Pogan said he saw Long weaving in and out of lanes and obstructing traffic before he ordered the cyclist to stop. The cop claimed Long deliberately drove his bike into him, sending both of them falling to the ground. Pogan claimed to have suffered cuts from the impact.

      The video clearly shows Long trying to dodge Pogan, who appears to have remained upright the entire time.

      Long, a grocer at the Union Square Green Market, has been described as an Army veteran and mild-mannered environmental activist. "He is a very well-meaning guy," said his boss, Morse Pitts, 56.

      A law enforcement source said the charges against Long would likely "go away" and another source predicted Pogan would be fired.

      Police spokesman Paul Browne said the incident is being investigated.

      Pogan's father, a retired NYPD detective who worked on the Joint Terrorism Task Force, defended his son's actions last night. "You gotta do what you gotta do to make an arrest," said Patrick Pogan Sr., 51, who retired in 2002.

      He said his son is the third generation of NYPD in the family. "I'm proud of my son. He's a good kid."

      Critical Mass and Time's Up! - which advocate for environmental issues with the monthly protest ride - have long complained about NYPD harassment. Police officials said the groups disrupt traffic and lack permits.

      "Cyclists here already face enough obstacles - law enforcement shouldn't be one of them," said City Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn), a supporter of biker rights.
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          nope. nobody can splain it
          "Friendly Fire, isn't"


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            Thanks RubyRose.
            Confirms what I knew before I was retired: Always consider yourself to be on a camera.

            The video clearly shows Long trying to dodge Pogan, who appears to have remained upright the entire time.


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              If you watch the video near the beginning you can see both officers stop, turn around and are watching something. The officer then makes his way over to the side of the road and you can see him watching something coming his way. He then gets into position and takes the biker out.

              Without having the benefit of being there and seeing what the officers saw, I would say that they did see Long do something and waited for him to come to them.
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                just a thought to be discussed. When bicycles are driving / riding on the street they have to follow the same rules as cars. Now here is the discussion topic if a pedestrian is crossing the street it is the drivers responsibility to yield right of way to the pedestrian whether or not the pedestrian is crossing legally. So what it seems like in the part of the video is the biker failed to yield to the pedestrian cop. Anyone else have a thought about this? I'm not saying the cop was right either.
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                  Critical Mass is made up of a large number of anarchists.......but they ride bicycles so the Mayor lets them flout the law........it is probably true that the officers were looking at the cyclist for something.....but the let's appease the lawbreakers crowd runs scared as soon as some bit of video shows up on the internet. NYC should clamp down on Critical Mass and give them the boot from the city.


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                    The last thread about this was removed not because of the subject. The last thread was removed because it was started by someone who put in YES for sworn police officer who was not a police officer (He is banned with all his posts deleted).

                    As far as what happened, I can't remember exactly what happened, but someone from the NYPD actually posted on the thread hours before it was removed stating that the individual had already ran away from the cops when he was going to be arrested for intentionally blocking traffic and being a nuisance.

                    He HAS already resisted arrest.

                    If you look carefully in the video, just as Fella mentioned, you can see both officers spot the suspect from a ways away and move towards him.

                    The MOST important thing I have learned from this site is you NEVER, EVER judge what happened just from a piece of video that excludes ALL the facts.
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                      That is a biased article purposely excluding important information from him previously resisting arrest.

                      I wouldn't believe everything in that article, and I wouldn't believe the quotes are correct either. I remember me being quoted in the newspaper several times, the important words I said were excluded totally changing what I said.


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                        And the very cops you are quick to defame protect your sorry butt every day....
                        Originally posted by jackscrow
                        ... and they do it ALL the time.

                        Usually they get away with it. Usually they get the benefit of the doubt from courts, where their often unwitnessed testimony on everything from traffic violations to serious felonies is rarely challenged.

                        In this instance they don't.

                        This one lied in his report. He had no idea that he was being taped.

                        It happens ALL the time.

                        What do you do? You can't do nothin', unless there are witnessess.

                        Here's hoping that more of them get caught out.

                        Here's hoping that they pay out the nose for this.

                        Cops lie. And they do it ALL the time.



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                          Originally posted by jackscrow
                          Not MY butt. I'm not going to count on "you" getting there in time.

                          I protect my own butt. Thank God.

                          And furthermore, although it won't make a bit of difference to you, I've been on the end result of a cop lying, and it's not fun. And, I've found out that it is not the "rare instance" that you would hopefully think it is.
                          why are you here Rambo?
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                            I can explain this... looks like a training video on the proper technique to dismount a cyclist. We should all be able to learn and take something from this.


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