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  • Lame Commercial

    There is an antismoking commercial out here in Cali that was just on. A teenage girl tries to bum a cig off a teenage boy. The announcer stops him and warns him that giving a cigarette to someone under 18 will cost him $200+.

    I can just see it now, people calling in a kid giving a smoke to another. Right, we'll get SWAT right on this critical police problem.

    I don't smoke, and advocate that no one use any form of tobacco, but since when is it my business as a cop if someone uses it? It is up to the individual and their parents. Name one crime committed because nicotine altered someone's mind like real drugs do.
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    I'll have to admit I dislike these commercials to, they're more annoying than helpful. Here we have "Just Eliminate Lies"...teens whose hobby is attacking smoking corporations. Nicotine is still a drug though perhaps not as hardcore as others except int he long run. Crimes are still comitted due to cigaretts and what not, though severity might be less...
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      In regards to those commercials.. most of my teenage siblings along with their friends just make fun of them or scoff at them.. I think they need to rethink their strategy a bit more..
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        One of those Just Eliminate Lies commercials they air is by the brother of the Marlboro Man, whom we all know died of lung cancer a couple of years ago.
        Showed a shot of him lying there, suffering, not long before he died.

        I've warned my daughter not to let me even smell smoke on her breath! For the simple fact, she rode me for a long time to quit smoking, and I finally did! On her birthday 3 years ago, no less!

        On a serious note, I have told her smoking is NOT cool, does NOT make one look more grown up or older(like both her stupid cousins seem to think), it's expensive, and for the most part is not socially accepted anymore. A 15 year old kid smoking a cigarette simply looks like a stupid 15 year old kid smoking a stupid cigarette!

        I grew to hate myself for ever lighting one up in the first place. If I had all the money I have ever spent on smoking in my hand right now, I could probably buy me a house!
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          I think that the tobacco corporations are using those stupid "" commercials to get kids to smoke. It's a perfect form of advertising for them. I'm old enough to know better, but everytime I see one of those self-righteus little brats whining about smoking deaths and how the tobacco companies lie, I want to start smoking. If I was 14, I'd run out and shoplift a pack. Since the tobacco companies were forced to pay for it, I can see them making the best of a bad situation.
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