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  • AZ choices for me

    Evening all - I wanted to throw something out there to see if I can get some help with my LEO career.

    I have these 3 departments that would like me to come out and do their testing
    Phoenix AZ - Tempe AZ - Mesa AZ
    I know they are all around the same area but coming from Florida to test - I can only really pick one to do next month because I am still holding down my fulltime job here in FL - I can not take week after week off.

    So Little help? Does anyone which is a better dept? also Chances to get hired in Each dept? ( one easier than the other)
    I tried to see if there is anyway to take a couple tests when I was out there but just does not seem like it is going to work out that way - I need to pick one for Sept testing.

    Help would great Thanks!
    All is 10-61 here you can show me 10-8!

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    You have heard we have 118 degree days with foot chases wearing a ballistic vest right?

    I would look into Scottsdale PD as well as AZ DPS... I have heard nothing but great things about AZ DPS from the local boys here! Tempe had the highest pay but I heard rumors that Mesa caught up to them. I believe PHX is hiring the most officers but they started awhile back so they might be slowing down by now. Mesa has a bigger department with more options (helicopter, etc.)

    Just about every agency (accept MCSO) is hiring it seems...
    ...Did you call the Boys in Blue or the Man in Tan?


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      I'm a recruiter for Mesa PD. If you have any questions let me know.


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        Striker I will PM you - ManinTan I sent in my packet to DPS last week so waiting to hear from them as well -
        as far as the 118 degree heat - I am in Tampa Florida we have 100 degree heat with 100% humidity so Im sure it will be an adjustment a bit but I want my LEO dream so I am working my butt off to do this

        Thanks for the help -

        PM Sent 5-0 ( it is a little long sorry about that)
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          Phoenix is still hiring .... we're supposed to open two new precincts by 2010 and I'm still wondering where they are going to get the Officers to staff them.


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            I did see that on the website that they are hiring for 2009 and 2010 - IDK - I just want to make sure I pick the best Dept to put my time - effort and money into so to speak
            All is 10-61 here you can show me 10-8!


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              After probation, lateral officers may use 50% of their police agency time towards the three year requirement for specialty assignments.

              Minimum Qualification(s) Required - Police Officer - Lateral Out-of-State:

              Arizona P.O.S.T Two part Waiver Process:

              Person's who have at least two years of experience as a peace officer in another state or for a federal law enforcement agency during the past three years. Of this time, one year must be spent in patrol, not including training or administrative assignments.

              Arizona P.O.S.T Seven Part Waiver Process:

              Same qualifications as above, with the addition of no more than a two year break between employment as a peace officer and the submission of your application with our department. There is no age limit to qualify for the lateral police officer position.


              Call Det. Shane Anderson for a prescreening interview at (480) 644-4869.

              Acceptable candidates after the prescreening interview will need to complete an application, and a background questionnaire. These will need to be submitted with a resume and their last two performance evaluations to the Police Department.

              Testing process will include a physical assessment, oral interview, background interview, polygraph, background investigation. If candidate is given a conditional offer of hire then a psychological exam and medical exam must be completed.

              Once hired, applicant will become a City of Mesa Employee and spend about 1 month studying for the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZ P.O.S.T.) waiver tests to become certified. During that month the applicant will be meeting other criteria such as the P.O.S.T. driving course, firearms course, and physical fitness obstacle course.

              Once applicant has successfully passed the waiver exams and become certified, they will complete a Department Lateral Academy for 3 weeks. This academy is to familiarize themselves with forms, computer systems, radio system, etc. They will then be placed into the Field Training Program where they progress at their own individual time frame.

              $50,856.00 during the time officer is studying for AZ P.O.S.T. Waiver Tests.
              Once applicant has successfully passed and become Arizona certified, they will be promoted to Officer-Lateral at the pay range of $59,113.60 to $65,353.60 depending on experience. Two years experience: $59,113.60. Three years experience: $62,212.80. Four or more years experience: $65,353.60. After that advancement the officer would fall under the merit system rules and top out in 4 years at $72,238.40.
              **Application packet may be obtained from Detective Anderson after prescreening interview.


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                thanks for all the Help 5 - 0
                All is 10-61 here you can show me 10-8!


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                  Are you a lateral or just wanting to move out of florida?
                  Have you thought about state patrol instead of beein a city cop?
                  What sparks your intrest for arizona vs something else? Just curious. Gl with your pickings


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                    I am open to anywhere really - I have family in AZ so it is an option but I have no ties here in FL so I am pretty much open to go anywhere - as long as it is not in the middle of nowhere in a one stoplight town. I would do State Patrol or City - this is somthing I have always wanted to do so now nothing is going to stand in my way. So I am open - I would nto be a lateral - I have to do the academy wherever I go - We have an academy starting here in FL in Jan. that I might do instead of relocating. It is all about timing so if something seems to look great - I am all over it.
                    All is 10-61 here you can show me 10-8!


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                      Go with Surprise PD


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                        Originally posted by stbspd View Post
                        Go with Surprise PD
                        Surprise would be awesome......someone about to break into a home, you see them while working for Surprise PD....

                        SUPRISE! PD!


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