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Police Trivia Game Round One Answers, Round 2 Begins


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  • Police Trivia Game Round One Answers, Round 2 Begins

    Police Trivia Game - Round One Answers

    In the show Hill Street Blues, who was the original desk / watch sergeant (Charactor name) and what was he famous for saying before dismissing the watch?

    Phil Esterhouse - "Hey, hey, HEY! Let;'s be careful out there!

    What is a dump pouch?

    Many of you answered with the tactical, military definition of a pouch carried for misc rounds, evidence or empty magazines, etc. This was wrong. Remember, this is a POLICE trivia game. A "dump pouch" was the predecessor of the speedloader. It was a belt accesssory which held six loose rounds and when unsnapped, would "dump" 6 rounds into the officer's hand for reloading.Of course, this was way back when 90% of police carried revolvers. A later improvement to them was the speed strip into which six round were inserted and the entire strip was carried in the dump pouch and pulled out as one strip.

    Here are the final players. Remember - if either question is wrong, the entire round is wrong.

    Here are the players I have and there current standings. X=one round wrong. Miss 2 and your out:

    Nuthead X
    Tucker6900 X
    BeansBaxter X
    t150vsuptpr X
    Rubyrose X
    skp X
    Chistyl X
    mrs27 X
    Guams X
    Texaschickeee X
    FutureDeputy420 X
    cmr164 X
    Sam I Am X
    Bighead X
    K9Tom X
    yangsTa X
    wasfuzz X
    Stlcopper X
    cblguy29 X
    Esilf X
    SoonToBe79 X
    Aequitas237 X
    sob153 X
    Snoops X
    Fuzz1028 X
    ManInTan X
    LA DEP
    SmittDPD X
    FinFanFromWa X

    No More Players Please!

    Round 2:

    Question 1: How did dark, navy blue, become the overwhelming color of choice for uniforms in early 20th century law enforcement?

    Question 2: Name three police tools or weapons no longer commonly accepted for use in modern law enforcement, due to either litigation, image or effectiveness.

    Remember, DO NOT POST THE ANSWER HERE but PM me with your answers. Feel free to comment and discuss with posts, but I can only take your PM as you official and final answer. The answers are available and out there in public information sources. It's up to you to find them. You can use the internet, library, one another, police agencies - anywhere.

    Now whining. In the event you disagreee, PM me with an appeal but the bottom line is, all decisions are final by yours truly. My game, my prizes, my rules. Cool?
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    WOW! Way to go LADEP! the only one with both answers right!!
    The Red, Bold, Italic is my official sarcasm tag.

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      At least I'm in good company!

      Congrats LA DEP!
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        maybe extend the deadline for those who said they pm'd you & those who did not see the thread?
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