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Glock 22 vs Sig .45


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  • Glock 22 vs Sig .45

    Mornin all!

    I would like some feedback from anyone who has had experience with the Glock 22 (.40) and the Sig .45. On my old department, we carried the Glock 22, and now on my new dept, we carry the Sig .45. I had one HELLUVA time qualifying with the Sig. Its a bigger caliber obviously, but the Sig is all around bulkier and heavier, not to mention the recoil. I made an *** of myself with my first round of quals missing 14 shots and missing the min qual score by 30 pioints. I got it my second time around, and I attribute it to the fact the gun was foreign to me. I admit, I was spoiled by the glock!! Has anyone else had this kind of trouble? going from a glock to something else and failing miserably at it? Or do I just suck? LOL Just curious....

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    I'm shocked you had a tough time with the Sig. I've always thought they were one of the easiest guns to transition to.
    We just switched from Berettas to Sig 229 DAKs. Our departments qual scores went up across the board.
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      The Glock 22 trumps every other gun in existence.


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        Originally posted by Tee.Elle. View Post
        The Glock 22 trumps every other gun in existence.
        Whoa there. Give me a Sig 220 over the Glock any day. Glocks are great guns, no argument there. But FOR ME, Sigs have better sights, triggers, and are more "pointable" than the Glock. Plus they're not plastic. I would feel very well armed with the Glock, and the thing would probably outlast me, but given the choice....Sig it is.
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          Originally posted by rezrat192 View Post
          ..... Or do I just suck? LOL Just curious....
          Yep, you suck.

          Originally posted by Tee.Elle. View Post
          The Glock 22 trumps every other gun in existence.
          And your crazy.
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            The is an excellent firearm dont get me wrong, but its just sooo drastically diff than the 22. The adjustment was hard for me, I cant say which I like better, I dont have enough experience with the sig to really say yet. But I do know the Glock will be tough to beat, Ive been in love with Glocks since the first day I touched one. But well see, I do gotta admit I dont care for the weight of the Sig, loaded, it feels like a brick on my hip.


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              You're getting ready to open a can of worms. Because if you ask 10 different experienced shooters, be prepared to get 15 different answers.

              I own Glocks, Sig's, H&K,s, Rugers, Colts, S&W's, and a slew of other brand and sizes of handguns and long guns, so I don't have a dog in this fight regarding what's "better." They all work as advertised! At least mine do.

              It's all in your individual preference, and what you're used to.

              I prefer the Sig.
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                I think you're psyching yourself out! If you missed 14 times, it wasn't because of the difference in recoil between a .40 and a .45, it's because you're too concerned about the "bigger" gun. The amount of actual energy transmitted to the hand by shooting the .45 vs the .40 is so small as to be insignificant. Calm down, concentrate on the basics (stance, breathing, trigger squeeze and sight picture) and shoot each. You can easily adapt to the Sig, after the first (heavier) double action shot is fired (if you are shooting a traditional DA/SA pistol). Both are excellent weapons with the same intrinsic accuracy.
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                  I too had a difficult time getting used to the SIG. We went from a G22 to Sig 226. It took me over a year to truly get comfortable with it. My scores are consistent with both weapons (98% I always throw one out ). Still, if given a choice I would go back to my Glock in a heartbeat. It is much lighter, has a consistent trigger pull, is virtually indestructible, and is extremely reliable under all conditions.

                  That said, I am not a big fan of Glock ownership for your average, shoot once a year gun owner. A Glock owner needs to be extremely comfortable with firearms and well practiced in keeping his finger off the trigger. An Alabama State Trooper couldn’t figure that out and ended up accidentally shooting someone in the neck. That is why we all have to carry Sigs now.

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                    Wow fellas!

                    I posted about this topic to get feedback and thats just what I got!! I know the answer will vary pending on who you ask, and thats why I threw it out there!! But one point was made that I know is very true, and that is, no matter what caliber gun it is, the mechanics are the same. Breathingm trigger squeeze and grip. And im sure a big part of my eraticness with the Sig at first was the psych aspect. I got it in my head that is a bigger gun, and let the foreignness get to me. The bright side is i qualed, and now that I have the Sig ill be able to take it out for "quality time" like my glock lol. Thanks again fellas!


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                      OH BOY! I worked on a small arms range in the Navy and shot the Beretta 92 a bunch, it shot well with NO problems. Then i went to a unit that carried Sig 226s, S&W 686, and H&K. They all shot very well. The Sigs were great unless you dive them in saltwater. I have been carrying G17s for 6 years overseas now and though i HATED them, i know own 3 and will buy a G20SF when it comes out (love the 10mm). I've owned Kahrs (40), Glocks (9), Rugers (22 & 45), H&Ks (40 & 45), Sig (40 & 45), S&W (22, 357, & 500) & Taurus (357 & 454). With the exception of the 2" Taurus 357, all these guns would shoot plenty well for any qual i've been in (military & civilian). Your Sig vs Glock thing is not uncommon, but i would blame most on lack of practice. If you carry a gun & don't shoot every month, YOU ARE WRONG! (should be once a week). Both are capable guns. Though slightly different, qualifying should be simple with each. Practice, practice, practice. If you shot the Glock a bunch, then the Sig would naturally point low for you. But, if you shot that much, you should know how a new gun would point for you.


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