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  • Questions for probation officers

    Any probation officers out there? Im really hoping to get an overview of the job. Sort of a day in the life thing. What is it really like day in day out? How much of the job is office based vs field based? What do you like about your job and what do you hate?

    Thanks for your time

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    I'm not a probation officer, yet I know some about it. I applied to a probation/parole officer job once right after I decided to stop being a school teacher, and I was called to an interview. I could tell I wouldn't like the two people interviewing me so I called it off during the process and told them I wasn't interested and subsequently walked out. I later became a police officer. I'm honestly not sure why I ever applied to the PPO job.

    Here, a lot of it is based upon the office you work in - or so it seems. Some officers seem content with their jobs while others feel as if they're not allowed to do anything. It's also a state agency here as we don't have county or city level PPOs. They are armed with limited arrest authority, and they attend an academy sponsored by the department of corrections. In my career I've never seen a PPO outside of the courtroom, and aside from there I've never spoken to one other than on the phone. Typically, they would fax us their warrants wanting us to pick up their absconders. I've since changed agencies, and I hear the local sheriff's office get sent to the parole and probation office quite often to pick people up so I'm guessing as a whole, in Arkansas, most PPOs don't do a lot of field work. Some do, and there's one on this board somewhere that says he does. Most of what they do I'd label as being a "criminal social worker."

    You're in Cali which I know nothing about. Just $0.02 from an Arkansan.


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