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  • Workers' Comp - What A Pain

    OK, I sprained my knee four weeks ago at work. Doc-in-the-box said stay off it, wear a brace. After a couple weeks, it felt better, so I saw him again. I was good to go, but he wouldn't clear me to go back to work. He said three more weeks.

    I had my appointment with the orthopedist today (had to wait three weeks - they aren't interested in seeing patients quickly). Upon arrival, they said he couldn't see me because Workers' Comp had not yet approved it. Went home, called Workers' Comp claims adjuster and ripped him a new one. He called the doc, authorized treatment, but said they can't get me in for another three weeks now, so I am still restricted from full duty.

    I said the heck with it, went back to Doc-in-the-box, saw a different sawbones. I showed him there was no pain, and that it worked fine. He cleared me for full duty.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience, where you want to work and they won't let you? What should I do next time?
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    I have not had any bad thiongs with workermans comp but I can say this. Sometimes you will feel better and full range of motion back but that does not mean your fully healed. Sometimes the healing is taking place even after the pain and memory of the hurt is gone. There is a good reason they said to stay off it for three or four weeks after the initial injury. I would not look to find a short cut to get back into full duty and risk a greater injury. I know at times it is a pain not to be able to do the job you have wanted to do but if you bypass the initial time required you might be looking for a permanet disability. I can see your fustration when you got the response you got when you fist went in after three weeks and then got a second opinion to get back to full work. But remember this the shortest way to full recovery is to listen and follow and look for short cuts. But that is just my opinion.

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