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Disappointed in Movie vs. Book


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    Sparky - I assumed you were talking about Stephen King movies.. Please tell me you dont think that of him!!
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      Raychel you didn't like the kid? LOL, I thought he was cute. Those cheeks and the lip are endearing. His acting wasn't bad, I thought.

      It's true Nicholson was a better psycho, but he is one of the best, after all!

      I still liked the made- for tv better. The effects (zombie lady) were marvellous. I might even buy it, because I really loved it.

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        I WANT......someone to make a movie from Stephen Hunter's 'Point of Impact'....and I'd like to see Sam Elliot in the role of 'Bob the Nailer'! And NO...I DON'T think he is too old....
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          I don't recall reading the Onion Field, but I do however, vaguely remember watching it. Apparently it wasn't that great because it does not stand out in my mind.

          One book that I read, Along Came a Spider, by Patterson was made into a movie. I was disappointed.

          The character of Alex in the book is a 38 yo man who was having a pretty lusty affair w/one of his colleagues. He does not handle authority well, is foul-mouthed, and a drinker.

          None of this is portrayed by Freeman, who plays Alex Cross in the film, who as I see it, is pretty much a saint on the screen.

          The book was actually pretty gory in some descriptions of serial killings, while the movie was pretty tame. Not that I'd want to glorify it, but it could at least hold true to the book.

          The plot was pretty much the same, but the endings were completely different, which were also a disappointment to me.

          One book I read that I loved just as much seeing on film was The Rainmaker, by Grisham. To me, very well done.

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            Have to agree with you on Stephen Hunter. Point of Impact was brilliant. But then again so was 'Dirty white Boys, Master Sniper' etc etc. Excellent writer who adds shooting technicalities without breaking his stride or making it boring to the non-shooter. I'd recommend any of his books as unputdownable
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              I agree with Sparky in regards to Thomas Harris. Red Dragon was a brilliant book and I thought that the film adaptation (Manhunter)was also very good. It was made by Michael Mann, who was also responsible for Miami Vice, thats why you got that feeling Sparky.(He also made `Heat`)
              The Silence of the Lambs, again both a very good book and film.
              However I did not read the book Hannibal as Thomas Harris was practically press ganged into writing it as the film studios wanted a sequel. A writer under pressure like that rarely gives his best work. However I just bought the Hannibal DVD and it is enjoyable. Yes, there is an alternative ending, but just the one though. Anthony Hopkins really is perfect for the part, he can appear soooooo evil.
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