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Watching Rivas trial on court TV


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  • Watching Rivas trial on court TV

    You may remember the Texas 7. If you live here you can't forget. Listening to this guy try to save his sorry life during the penalty phase. He is already convicted of the murder of Officer Aubrey Hawkins on Christmas eve last year after a robbery. The court TV people are making a big deal about how intelligent and well spoken this POS is. My response is....WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?! Some of these twits even sound like they admire him in some way.The son of a ***** has been a criminal his whole life and led a crew of escaped convicts that brutally murdered a brother Texas peace officer. Trial is being held in Dallas. Buh bye scumbag. You do not kill police officers in Texas and not die for it one way or the other.The others will be tried after Rivas. I see a table for 6 in Huntsville coming.Anyone else watching this?

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    Its been the lead story on the local news almost every night here in the Dallas area. The general impression I get of Rivas is that he is a cold, calculating, ruthless criminal. I cannot think of anyone that is more a poster child for the death penalty then him.

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      I didn't know they were showing it on court tv, but I have followed the story in the papers and on the news. Yeah, you're right Mack, bottom line is, you don't kill Texas peace officers and get away with it.

      You put it exactly how it should be, a nice table for 6. "Yes Mr. Rivas, your table is ready. Each seat with a complimentary needle and some lovely drugs to get you started on your road of eternal hell."

      Have fun.



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