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  • Any car enthusiasts?

    I just want to get an idea of how many car guys (and girls) we have here on the boards. I myself own a Subaru STI with 330awhp and this car is one of my biggest hobbies. If im not working on it in the garage im probably racing it at the track or an autocross lol.

    Anyways im in the early stages of starting to apply to various police depts. and I've been wondering if any cops here who are also car enthusiasts get any crap for driving a loud fast car when off duty. There are most definately a lot of stupid people who drive these cars wrecklessly on the road that give all of us a bad name. I always laugh at those tool bags that drive hondas with the big "fart can" exhausts, neon lights, and stickers all over and think they're bad ***. Yeah I drive a japanese car but it drives me nuts when people confuse it for one of these POS "ricers." So post up what your driving and what kind of things people have said to you while pulling into work with it.

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    HEY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I own a 2005 subaru wrx. Its putting down 240 WHP. Its going pretty strong and yes it is a great hobbie. little expensive but hey its great. Hey are you on nasioc or any of these sites? PM me some pix


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      Hey I saw your other thread about the rally pig sticker, I would have replied but im not a cop yet and im not supposed to reply in the ask a cop forum. My suby's actually an 06wrx with a complete STI swap done to it. My name is Swiftwrx06 on nasioc, is yours the same as here? That name looks familiar.


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        I was one of a group of guys that started our Dept's. Drag race team! At one time we had 3 cars! Good news for you --- many LEOs are into cars & bikes of all types so you're not alone. It's the driving style that gets you in trouble, not the vehicle.


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          Car / truck / bike guy. Pretty much if it has a motor I am into it. First and foremost I am a gear head regardless of brand, but I do tend to gravitate towards mustangs. I am down to only 2 stangs at the moment however. A blown 96' Cobra and my race car / money pit 87' Notch. I have had a few modified mustangs that I have used in the past for duty use, but I am doing the comfort / family thing now with the 300C for work. I also like 4x4's and sport bikes and own them also. I even designed my new home around my garage / shop with room for a lift.

          And yes, cops and fast cars seem to go hand in hand.
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            I had a 1999 Z28 camaro. I ended up putting in a 408 stroker motor, built to take a ton of nitrous. It also had a built th400 transmission, ford 9in rear, fuel system, suspension, ect ect. I had a wide band and my own tuning software (ls1 edit) to actually have the car tuned.

            Sadly, I sold it about 6 months ago to one of my friends. I just got tired of working on it and wanted a different toy that was more streetable with more room and less of a money pit. Not to mention with that much power on tap, it was hard not to get in trouble and I cant afford that kind of trouble with my job. So I decided to sale.
            I just bought an 08' Wrangler Unlimited Jeep 4x4.. I just like to cruise around and chill now. However, my friend still lets me take my old camaro out whenever I want. Sometimes it still feels like its mine, its just not kept at my house anymore.
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              Good to know there's a good amount of cops that are into cars. And I know exactly what you mean by money pit, a good chunk of my paychecks go straight to the car fund. Modding cars is an addiction, you always need more power. Got to have much respect for those old muscle cars though, it sounds like those stangs, and the z28 would whoop my butt at the strip, but throw in some turns and its a different story haha.


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                not a cop but working on it.
                i've owned several mustang(fox body 5.0) since i was in high school. my first was a 1992 california highway patrol retired. now i have a ASC mclaren full road race suspension, 6-speed, supercharged.

                blast to drive


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                  Right now I have a 2007 mustang with a few goodies.
                  Once I get out of the academy sometime in the fall (didnt start yet, so I dont know when graduation will be) I'm gonna buy a 2009 Dodge Challenger.


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                    I'm into cars too. In fact, I'm into diesels more than anything else.

                    I also own my own website specifically for that purpose.



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                      This is my baby- 05 GTO putting down roughly 430 at the rear wheels.
                      It's a really nice car to drive rides good and it's pretty quiet on the road and gets about 26.5 mpg on the highway.

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                        Yup, car guy here. Muscle cars, 4X4, and Harleys in particular.


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                          Definitely a fan of vintage muscle cars, as well as late-model Mustangs, some newer Corvettes, Pontiacs (GTO, G8, etc.), etc., etc., etc. I am waiting to see the new '09 Dodge Challenger and the '09 Chevy Camaro as well. I have seen them in magazines and have viewed on-line pictures, but really want to see one up close & personal.

                          With fuel being so expensive, I am happy that automakers are still giving consumers the opportunity to buy cars they want - instead of just routine transporation we merely need. Sentras, Civics, Escorts, Cobalts, Camrys, Corollas and other such cars are decent for family use, but sometimes you just need a little more "oomph" in your daily grind, right?

                          One of my all-time favorite classic rides would have to be the 1968 Impala Super Sport 427 convertible. If I ever "made it big" financially, I would find one - preferably white with a black top & interior. A '70 or '71 Plymouth 'Cuda would not be bad to have either - even if they were made by Chrysler/Mopar. Ideal powerplant would be the 426 Hemi, but the venerable 440 "six pack" would do nicely as well. My dream stable would not be complete without a '69 Camaro SS (big-block), a '71 Boss 429 Mustang and an oddball GTO "Judge" with a 455 Ram-Air under the hood. Heck, throw in a Chevelle SS of just about any year and I would be walking on sunshine!

                          Wow! I am 'kicking it old school' tonight, as most of you young folks here probably never knew about these cars or would recognize one if it parked in front of your house.

                          Pontiac's GTO ('04 to '06 version) is quite a capable car, but did not really have a niche. Perhaps they're onto something with the new G8 - even though it is a four-door. I wish GM would consider some type of "full size" sedan that might pick up where the old Caprice left off. Make it RWD, 375+ horsepower and build a law enforcement package for it. Put GM, Ford AND Chrysler all back into building police cars again.

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                          The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

                          The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


                          "Ignorance on fire is hotter than knowledge on ice."


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                            Cars are my drug of choice.
                            1970 Chevelle SS-454 LS-6 ,39,000 orig miles family owned since 1975.
                            1995 Lincoln Mark VIII that does mid 12 sec 1/4 mile (125 shot,4:10's)
                            I love cruising in the Lincoln because it's such a sleeper,looks all stock and it's quiet.


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                              Here are a couple of my toys. The vette is a current member of the 200mph club. I usually navigate in it at the ORR events down in NV. The owner of the car over the last year has been letting me drive so I can qualify for a 200mph pass. This weekend will be my first attempt. Cruising speed is jus shy of 210mph.

                              This one is my personal rig. Right now its down to blown motor and is going through a massive rebuild.

                              Here is an article GM Hightech Performance Magazine did on it a few years ago.


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