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    As you know, my son is disabled from 2 brain surgeries. His memory is very bad. They called him into a meeting today and listed the things they EXPECT him to do and say he is not doing. He told them that they knew he was disabled, his memory is poor and he's doing the best that he can. Their attitude was they didn't care....He will be evaluated every two weeks and if he can't keep up with everyone else, he will be terminated within the next two months. He is so upset. He has worked there 7 years and does find it hard to keep up. He told them that they knew he had 2 brain surgeries and takes 17 pills a day to try to control his seizures. His boss said he didn't care, that he was going to be able to do what they expected or they would terminate him.
    He agreed there were areas he could work on but he felt the majoity of what was said addressed his inability to remember.
    I think, based on the written evaluation they gave him, we are going to help him find an attorney because I am unsure of the Disabled Act and if they are violating it.
    Anyone have any advice? I felt they should put him in like delivering mail or something he could do that doesn't require a lot of remembering.
    He is seeing a therapist and she is going to find some training or him through the epilepsy foundation. They will help him to find a job that isn't quite so demanding.
    But, I know they are just going through the motions of termination. They are going by the book but I don't think thay have considered his disability.

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    Advice? Yeah...get an attorney that SPECIALIZES in disability cases. I'd also be demanding the OTHER employees be judged by the same standards they are apparently wishing to judge your son by.
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      We are looking into this now, shooter. It's all pretty complicated. I did find out that his boss WAS reprimanded for the way he talked to our son last week. It was an official reprimand which will be in his files.
      And you know, your sig line is really good. We have so many LEOS in our family and I think about how people like thm and you put your life in harms way to protect us and think it's so sad you get paid so little for such a dangerous job.


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