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What Can Be Done To Prevent Car Theft By Carjackers And Other Thieves?


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  • What Can Be Done To Prevent Car Theft By Carjackers And Other Thieves?

    I have a new car and I don't want a carjacker or any other thief to steal it. What are the best ways to keep carjackers and other thieves from stealing my car? Should I get a Lojack system? Does this still work against professional car thieves? Can it be defeated by thieves? How do you keep any other type of thief from stealing your car when you park the car in public places?

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    I was on another website earlier tody and it described the Watch My Car Program that some citizens and police departments use. This sounds like a good crime prevention program because it said that many cars are stolen when the owner is asleep during the middle of the night. This car theft prevention program allows citizens to put a tamper-resistant sticker on their cars which let police officers know that their cars aren't normally driven during the middle of the night or near our nation's (USA) borders. The police have the owners' permission to stop the car when it is driven during the middle of the night or when it is driven near our country's borders. Does this program help prevent car theft? Should I participate in it?


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      Originally posted by ElaineE:
      Does this program help prevent car theft? Should I participate in it?
      I don't know if it prevents car theft but if you sign-up and your vehicle is seen out late at night between particular hours and you have that sticker on there, the police know that you are probably not driving and can stop the vehicle. Could prevent your car from ending up in a lake.
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        The biggest thing you can do...and the simplest...to avoid losing your car to a thief is TURN IT OFF, TAKE THE KEYS WITH YOU, AND LOCK IT UP. Most car thefts are strictly opportunity, so if you take away the opportunity, you help to eliminate auto theft.

        How many times do you see someone leave their car running while they go into the 7-11 for "just a second". You're NEVER in there for "just a second", and it takes just that long for someone to claim the car as their own.

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          Always ensure your steering lock is on, NEVER leave keys in the car.

          You could purchase a wheel lock and fit that when the vehicle is parked.

          If the car has an alarm and imobiliser always use them. If not you could have one fitted reasonably cheaply.

          A sticker saying that the car is alarmed is always a good plan.

          NEVER leave anything of value lying about in the vehicle. If you must leave it in the car lock it in the boot.

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            A big thing is also what type of car you drive. Many makes and models are seldom if ever stolen. If you have one of the top models on the list lock it up, take the keys and install a good alarm that requires key activation from a second key to enable the ignition.
            Most of the time these "keys" are a magnetic card that you place on a sensor located on the dash close to the ignition so it does not slow you down if you have to leave somewhere in a hurry.

            Carjacking is a different story I will put together something for you and email it off board.
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